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Are You Struggling to Trust God to Provide?

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I have a confession to make–sometimes trusting God is a challenge.

Last week, I was stressing about our finances. But here’s the thing–we have money to pay all of our bills. We have a roof over our head, two nearly-new vehicles to drive, good jobs with wonderful insurance benefits, and plenty of food in our kitchen. Yet, at times, I’m fearful we’re not going to have enough. Maybe it’s because we had an unexpected expense in July that dug into our savings. Or perhaps some childhood fears rearing their ugly heads. Whatever the reason, I was filled with doubt.

In fact, I had even contemplated (very briefly) getting a part-time job to fill in the gap that we have at times when unexpected expenses crop up. However, I work two jobs already. As my very wise sister said, I simply don’t have the time to add anything more to my plate. With book deadlines and my fantastic boss for my day job, I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize those two callings God has placed on my heart.

The day after the enemy used my thoughts as a playground, I felt the Lord speaking to me and saying, “Lisa, I meet your needs every day. Do you trust me?”

Are You Struggling to Trust God to Provide? Share on X

I’m ashamed to admit I hesitated, then answered with a “Yes, but.” That question continued to filter through my head–do you trust me?

I turned on YouTube and “Honey in the Rock” was the first song that popped up on my playlist. I love that song by Brooke Ligertwood and featuring Brandon Lake. As I listened to the words and sang along with the lyrics, peace washed over me–the first since those defeating thoughts drowned out God’s Truth–as the words ministered in a way that only God can do.

I prayed, “Yes, Lord, I trust you. With all of it. I know you will provide. You are good all the time, no matter what circumstances we’re facing. Forgive my disbelief. Fortify my faith.”  Less than an hour after praying that prayer, we received two different notifications that showcased God’s generous provision.

Isn’t that so like God? To provide beyond what we expect?

Philippians 4:19 NIV says it best:

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.

God longs for us to trust Him. However, we are stubborn and prideful and think we can handle everything on our own. By humbling our hearts, putting our faith in Him, and listening to Him, we will receive rich blessings that can come in the most unexpected ways. God doesn’t promise to give us what we want, but He does promise to meet our needs. But first, we need to learn to trust, and we can do that in three ways:

A woman faces the sky with her arms outstretched

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Trusting God Requires Surrendering

Learning to trust God requires us to acknowledge who He is, humble our hearts and surrender our hearts and thoughts to Him. Surrendering may seem like we are defeated, and in essence, we are–to our own selfish desires. By surrendering, we are strengthening our faith and being equipped by God’s power in order to fight against the enemy who wants us to feel vulnerable and crushed. Trusting God gives us strength and supernatural power to defeat the enemy’s lies.

Trusting God Requires Learning

The more we spend time in His Word, the more we learn who God is and the value of believing in His promises. When we pray and grow that intimate relationship with Him, He will increase our faith. We will learn how to trust because of the steadfast Word of God.

Trusting God Requires Listening

Listening goes beyond hearing. It’s an intentional act that requires us to pay attention to what’s being said. God speaks to us through His Word, through music, through others, and through His Holy Spirit. When we develop and grow that intimate prayer life, then we are more open to hearing what God is whispering to our hearts.

What about you? When have you struggled to trust God to provide? What have you learned from that experience?

When have you struggled to trust God to provide? What have you learned from that experience? #TellHisStory #TrustingGod #Godsprovision Share on X

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  1. Joanne Viola

    The more we learn who God is, and His character, the more we will come to trust Him. This seems to be the repeated theme for me this week. This is true not only for His provision but with any difficulty which comes our way. May we come to know Him more deeply, and thus develop a deeper trust. Thank you, Lisa, as I needed this reminder.

    • Lisa Jordan

      Thank you, Joanne. I needed the reminder as I wrote the post…something I need to remember daily.

  2. Lisa notes

    I’ve listened to “Honey in the Rock” myself again and again the past few months. Trusting God in certain areas is something all of us struggle with. I’ve been helping a friend the past few weeks who is mentally disabled and has lived in poverty and in disarray for years through no fault of her own. She’s still alive, so I suppose we can say God has provided for her, but in a much different way than we’d credit God providing for most of my other friends and my own family. 🙁 Compared to her, I live like a queen. So you can hear my additional struggle with understanding how God works. Sigh. My best conclusion is that God works through his people and as a whole it’s we who have dropped the ball with so many of his children. I’m still working it out.

    • Lisa Jordan

      Lisa, it’s difficult to fathom why some prosper and others don’t, especially if it’s not through any fault of their own. God’s using you to bring light and love into her life. Keep moving forward!

  3. Michele Morin

    I am soaking in the Pentateuch these days, amazed at Israel’s spiritual amnesia — and forced to look at my own!

    • Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

      I know that God will provide,
      and the reason is, you see,
      that yesterday I almost died
      and God sent dogs to rescue me.
      I suddenly could not draw breath,
      and out-of-body went my soul,
      face to face with grinning death
      but I was once again made whole
      by Belle doing her CPR,
      Chihuahuas yelling to awake,
      and from that place dim and far
      I could now return to take
      my place, still needed, in this life
      for dogs and friends and dearest wife.

      Belle is a wolf, with just enough Australian shepherd to make her legal. I think she cracked some ribs.

      • Lisa Jordan

        Andrew, your gift to say so much in a few words touches my heart. I’m so thankful for your life-saving dogs and you’re able to breathe again. I’ve had Chihuahua-mixed breeds for the past nine years.

    • Lisa Jordan

      Michele, spiritual amnesia is such a great phrase. Something I’m going to ponder on this week as I remind myself to trust daily.

  4. Donna

    Lisa, I think we all share a common struggle of trusting God, especially on the hard paths. While I have seen God provide for me and my family when we were homeless (twice), and had nothing but the clothes on our backs, I think sometimes my expectations don’t line up. Perhaps the real question is not will I “trust” God, because we know He’ll provide, but will we be content with that sovereign provision.

    • Lisa Jordan

      Donna, you raise a great question about finding contentment with God’s sovereign provision. When God provides, I admit to questioning Him, but I have to remember about his perfect timing and plan for my life.

  5. Lois Flowers

    Lisa, God’s been speaking to me through “Honey from the Rock” lately too. Another phrase that keeps coming to mind is “God provides when the need arises.” Maybe not years or months before, but just in time. It’s a lesson I’ve had to learn and relearn many times over the years.

    • Lisa Jordan

      Lois, I love that–God provides when the need arises. He always knows what we need and when we need it, doesn’t he?

  6. Barbara Harper

    I shouldn’t struggle with trusting God to provide, as often and as long as He has provided for us. But I still do. Maybe that’s why He keeps putting me in situations where I need to trust Him.

    • Tea With Jennifer

      Thank you Lisa, I think we can all relate to your experience here.

      The time that really stands out for me was going through the pregnancy with my fifth child as I had lost two of my children beforehand to still birth.

      That fifth pregnancy was a moment by moment trusting in my Heavenly Father.

      And although born 8 weeks premature my daughter was born with a set of mature lungs! And has never looked back! God is gracious!

      And when we think we are ultimately in that place of trusting a new opportunity comes along for our surrender, learning & listening again!
      Blessings, Jennifer

      • Lisa Jordan

        Jennifer, I’m so glad you were able to celebrate the birth of your daughter. And you’re right about new opportunities coming along for our complete surrender once again…actually, time and time again.

    • Lisa Jordan

      Barbara, I’m finding when I lean into God and not in my own power, then I’m given more before I need it. We are very blessed for what we have, and I have to remember it all comes from Him.

  7. Debbie Wilson

    Lisa, I’m ashamed to say my trust can become wobbly too. Thankfully, my Shepherd rescues me. Because the Lord is my Shepherd I have everything I need!

    • Lisa Jordan

      Debbie, He is a good, good Shepherd who gives us all we need. On a daily basis, even if we aren’t aware or appreciative of it.

  8. Jan

    We’ve all been there. Excellent lesson here…

    • Lisa Jordan

      Thank you, Jan.