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Blog Takeover: Writing About Life

C_avatarHi there!

I’m Carolyn, a friend of Lisa’s, and I’m here as a self-invited guest blogger.

Lisa and I spend a lot of virtual time together. We discuss almost everything. How tired we are. How cold our feet have been this winter. How much I want to eat cookies and cupcakes. How much she loves to watch NCIS. We lift each other up. We complain to each other. We celebrate together.

For a few weeks we’ve been discussing blogging (amidst the cupcakes and the weather gripes). I recently had a blog makeover and upgraded my space. That motivation along with a few snow days that popped up during January and I think I’ve got my blog clicking along nicely. I scheduled a few posts, had ideas for a few more, and generally enjoy writing. I like blogging. In my line of work as a librarian I like to think that someone is reading it and getting at least one small idea from what I have to share.

On the other hand (as I confess for Lisa), her blog is not something she really enjoys. She likes the blog, but doesn’t love doing the actual blogging. Occasionally she has a post she mentions that she enjoys writing, but that hasn’t happened recently. When I ask her what she blogs about she says, “love and marriage.”

Oh boy.

It’s not that I object to love and marriage!

But when Lisa and I talk most days we discuss other things she is interested in. Did you know Lisa is a scrapbooker? That she’s knitted something for just about everyone she knows? I don’t know how she keeps up with her crafty nature along with her day job and her writing job.

And recently Lisa has a new puppy!! Which she is going to post a picture of right here…

photo (1)

See! Precious! Penny is adorable and Lisa is like any new puppy-mamma and has news to share!

I read a lot of blogs and Twitter and what I love about blogs is when the genuine nature of a person comes through. I don’t read a large quantity of author blogs, but I read a few. My favorite author blogger writes some about writing when it is a thought she has to share that she is passionate about. She also blogs dialogue her toddler twin nieces are saying when they are being silly, and shares about her experiences while taking trapeze lessons! What I love about my favorite authors on Twitter is when they post about their obsessions with bacon or how they’re surviving this chilly snowy winter and aren’t sure they can be around their school-aged kids one snow-day longer!

I don’t follow because they are writing about the same things their books are about. Maybe I’m the only one…but I doubt it.

I follow authors on blogs and Twitter because they are authentic about sharing whatever real moments in their lives they feel comfortable sharing in ‘public.’

I think Lisa has felt like her blog space here is an obligation as a writer. That she’s required to share wisdom and experiences directly related to writing or to her writing focus which is love and marriage.

Except…as writers the things we do outside of writing influence our writing the most. Otherwise writers would all be writing about writing. But instead writers are writing about life. About the little things that come together to make life exciting and meaningful. I’ve challenged Lisa to keep her blog updated but to avoid the pressure of writing about the same things she writes about professionally. Instead I want Lisa to have more fun writing about the little things that make life meaningful.

Like puppies!


Lisa here: Umm, so my blog was taken over by one of my all-time favorite people on the planet. Carolyn and I met online over 12 years ago when we bonded over a mutual interest. She read my first novel when it was still in the newbie writer stage…and we’re still friends. Man, that was some awful writing. 

In most realms Carolyn is an elementary school librarian who blogs at and tweets at @carolynvibbert. But that’s all just an act because the real Carolyn reads a lot of YA lit, fluffy romance, and Christian fiction. She also whines about cold feet in the winter, and eats too many cookies no matter the season.

Your Turn: What are your favorite things to do, other than anything book related?

Lisa Jordan
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Girls Night Out: Summer Bucket List

My group of friends–we call ourselves the Coffee Girls–try to get together at least once a month. Two of them live 90 minutes from the other three. When we get together, we laugh, craft, eat chocolate, shop, chill out–not always in that order, but laughter remains a constant.

We came together through a main interest and moved from colleagues into friends. We share joys and tears. We have each others’ backs. Our friendship is an eclectic mix–a baker, an artist, a sports enthusiast, a writer, an actress. Creativity abounds. We encourage each other to step outside our comfort zones. They were among the first I called and cried with when my first book sold. My boys consider my Coffee Girls an extension of our family. 

Last month, four of us had gotten together for dinner after a day of crafting. While we waited for our food, we talked about summer plans. We talked about things the Coffee Girls could do together.

We created the Coffee Girls Bucket List: The Summer of 5:

  1. The zoo–who said you need kids to go to the zoo.
  2. Sunset at the lake.
  3. Beach picnic
  4. Field trip to Archivers–all in the name of research, of course
  5. Evening at Sara’s–a local ice cream place close to the beach
  6. Putt-Putt–again, kids aren’t needed for Putt-Putt
  7. Local amusement park–see caveat for #1 & #6
  8. Trip to a local nature center
  9. Trip to a maple farm
  10. Boat tour around our lake

Women need friendships with other women. We spend much of our times doing our jobs, caring for families, focusing on others that we tend to take less time for ourselves. Having a circle of women gives us an outlet. Let’s face it–men and women think differently and process our emotions differently. Having a circle of friends who embrace those differences helps us to become better wives, mothers, sisters, etc. We need people who get us.

Your turn: Tell me about your friendships. Do you plan activities together? How have those friendships strengthened your personality?

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Photo credit: biewoef

Lisa Jordan
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