Who is The Knee-worn Woman?

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A week into the New Year, I had a full Saturday planned—clean the church with my mom, make cards with my friend, then get groceries and go out to dinner with my husband.

With my arms filled my craft bag, my purse, and a freshly brewed cup of tea in my favorite travel mug, I headed outside and down the front steps. The toe of my boot caught a loose loop on the lead we use to let our dogs outside. I stumbled. With my hands full, I had no way of catching myself. I did a very graceless face plant in the snow. Passersby probably got a good laugh.

But I wasn’t laughing. In fact, I couldn’t move. I yelled to my husband, who, thankfully, had seen me fall. He rushed outside and helped me into the house.

I’m praising God I didn’t have any broken bones, but I injured my right knee terribly. For several days, I rested, iced, and elevated it to help reduce the pain and swelling. Two and a half weeks later, I’m still hobbling a bit. My range of motion is limited. I have a worn knee that isn’t able to kneel.

When I chose my One Word for 2022, knee-worn, that was not what I had in mind.

Several weeks ago, I shared a poem written by author and artist Mary DeMuth that inspired my One Word—knee-worn.


Prayer © Mary DeMuth

In that same post, I talked about the nudge God placed on my heart about starting some sort of encouragement ministry for women. God whispered my One Word would also become my encouragement ministry—The Knee-worn Woman. Yet, I had no idea what it would entail.

Dream Big. Start Small.

A couple of years ago, I heard the song “Dream Small” by Josh Wilson. As someone who had grown up in a small town and attends a small church, I understood the value of dreaming small. Like the song says, Jesus will use us where we are.

However, I also know we serve a wondrous God who encourages us to dream big in order to show what He can do with our hearts’ desires. So, I put the two together—dream big, but start small.

The Knee-worn Woman is intended to encourage women to seek Jesus with all their hearts, referencing Jeremiah 29: 12-13 NIV.

Jeremiah 29:12-13 NIV

The Knee-worn Woman is intended to encourage women to seek Jesus with all their hearts #TellHisStory #TheKneewornWoman #encouragingwomen Share on X

We need to encourage one another to:

  • Seek
  • Pray
  • Trust
Seek: What does it mean to seek Him?

Seek means to find something, usually something that’s lost. God wants to be found by you and me. That means setting our hearts and minds on the Lord who desires to be number one in our lives. Seeking Him with all our hearts means we are making a conscious choice to be in His Presence. Through daily Bible reading and prayer, we are able to communicate with our Heavenly Father in such an intimate way. When we seek Him, He reveals Himself to us through his Word, through prayer, through His creation. Seeking Him requires a humble, teachable heart willing to grow in His grace and goodness.

Pray: Why is prayer so important?

Because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, the veil was torn. Now we can have direct communication with our Heavenly Father. The beauty of prayer is that it allows us to develop and deepen our relationship with the Creator of all things. When we pray, we are able to affirm who He is and what He means to us. We are able to confess our sins and seek forgiveness that will draw us closer to Him. We can thank Him for the abundant provision and protection He offers on a daily basis. And we can go to him with all kinds of prayer requests. Prayer sets the tone for our loving relationship with the One who calls us daughter.

Trust: What does it mean to trust God?

What does it mean to trust God? Prayer and trust go hand in hand. We pray and cast our cares on Him. Then, we have faith that He will fulfill His promises. Honestly, trusting God is often easier to say than to actively do. But learning to trust Him is an active part of our faith journey. When we trust God, we are letting go of our fears and having courageous hearts that believe in His might and power no matter what happens. It’s so easy to trust God when your life is going well. But what happens when you lose your job or your spouse or perhaps a wayward child to addiction? Where is your trust when you’re in the valley? It needs to be just as strong as when you’re standing on the mountaintops. God allows trials to take place in our lives because that’s how our faith is refined in order to flourish. Trusting God gives us peace in the process and joy in the journey.

The Posture of Our Hearts

Becoming a knee-worn woman isn’t necessarily the posture of our bodies, but it’s more about the posture of our hearts. By encouraging women to seek Him with all their hearts, I hope we do become a knee-worn people—people who seek out of habit, pray without ceasing, and trust unconditionally. May our knees become worn from time spent in His presence as we seek His face together.

The Knee-worn Woman will start small with a separate page on this site where I’ll post weekly. I’m creating a private Facebook group where women can pray and encourage one another. Eventually, we will do Bible studies and have a podcast. But for now, I’m dreaming big and starting small, allowing God to use me right where I am for His glory. I invite you to take part in the journey of becoming a knee-worn woman as we encourage one another to seek Him with all our hearts as He reveals a future and a hope for each one of us.

Becoming a knee-worn woman isn’t necessarily the posture of our bodies, but it’s more about the posture of our hearts. May our knees become worn from time spent in His presence as we seek His face together. #TellHisStory… Share on X

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  1. Barbara Harper

    Ouch! I hope your knee heals quickly. It is rather ironic to have fallen on your knee when your word of the year is knee-worn. I like how you said it’s not the posture of our body, but our hearts bent before Him in prayer and humility and submission.

  2. Joanne Viola

    Lisa, it seems like your dream is coming together bit by bit. I look forward to seeing how this unfolds in the year ahead. I hope your knee heals quickly. It is amazing how a tumble like that can put us out of commission for a while.

  3. Anita Ojeda

    What a beautiful ministry! I’m sorry about your knee—it seems to take longer and longer to heal the older we get 😥. If we keep our knees worn, we can avoid having worn-out souls!

  4. Michele Morin

    I want t o pay attention to the posture of my heart. It’s so important to let God work in unseen ways. Looking forward to this knee worn adventure.

  5. Lisa notes

    Oh, my! So sorry to hear about your fall. And yes, how crazy that you got a sore knee to start off the year with Knee-worn. But it’s amazing where God is already taking it with your Knee-worn Woman group. Exciting!

  6. Donna

    Lisa, thank you for sharing your recent “knee-worn” story and your vision for this beautiful ministry. God spoke to me in a powerful way here today through your three simple ways of encouraging one another, “Seek, Pray, Trust”. Powerful words of encouragement I needed to hear as I walk through the valley of my husband’s chronic illness. Thank you dear friend for your faithful ministry!

  7. Linda Stoll

    Lisa, how sad about your knee and yet how incredible this ministry that is coming alive for you and those around you.

  8. Debbie Wilson

    Lisa, I’m so sorry for your injury. Thankful we can still have attitudes that kneel before our God even when our bodies don’t cooperate.

  9. ~ linda

    Oh, I am so very sorry for such a fall. The healing may take time but all in God’s perfect timing. I understand, I am sorry to say, as I have done more than one of those head/knee/should/wrist plants and never on snow! I love this word and know God is using it to do a good work in you and those of us who read along with you and the others who have taken on this OneWord 2022 journey. I love how you are “starting small” with the separate weekly blog page which in your dreaming big will one day be far more. Yes, one step…one day…one anything and God has far more in His plans for us. May your healing continue well.

  10. Tea With Jennifer

    Ouch, sorry to hear you’re been laid up Lisa.
    I did my Meniscus in my knee a few years ago when I was giving a 9th Grade girls talk.
    I slipped on an invisible wet patch on the floor in the Auditorium coming down hard on that knee.
    It still gives me the occasional problem!

    Prayer is such a vital part of our walk with Our Heavenly Father. As you may know my theme for this year is “Ask with intent” a continuation of last year’s word Prayer.
    God has already given me the opportunity to put this into practice.
    Bless you,

  11. Lois Flowers

    I hope your knee heals up completely very soon, Lisa … it sounds like a very painful experience. May God strengthen and hold you up as you get under way with the Knee-Worn Woman ministry.