Oh, Christmas Tree

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“Should we take down the tree today?” Hubby asked me last night after we returned from our final Christmas celebration.

“Well, we can, if you want to, but I was planning to do it Thursday or Friday.” I was nestled in my cozy chair with laptop on my lap and knitting needles in hand–I was trying to follow a video on YouTube. The last thing I wanted to do was drag out the Christmas storage boxes. Besides there’s a tradition to putting up and taking down the tree.

I love to put up our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. To me, that kicks off the official holiday season with Advent beginning that Sunday. I enjoy our tree for the rest of November and all of December. I love seeing the glow of lights through our living room window as darkness descends.

I started blogging about the 25 days of Christmas ornaments, but that fell to the wayside as other tasks like knitting took a higher priority. I love my Christmas ornaments. As I’ve mentioned before, each one tells a story. This year I received three new ornaments that have found their way onto a branch.

When Christmas is over and the New Year has officially begun, I want to start fresh–put the previous year behind more and move into the new year with new expectations. A friend leaves her tree up through Epiphany. I can understand that. A pet peeve, though, is seeing Christmas decorations on houses and in yards in February. Seriously?

So I have less than a week to appreciate my tree until next year when we put it up again. Most of the ornaments will get packed in bubble wrap and tissue paper, but a few will find new homes around the house.

When do you take down your tree? Are you sick of it by then?

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  1. Katie Ganshert

    Thanks for the comment today, Lisa. 🙂

    We take down our tree the weekend after New Year's. It's so much fun to put up and such a pain to take down. Maybe we'll just throw a tarp over ours and take the tarp off next year. 🙂

  2. Lisa Jordan

    If I could keep mine put together and all in one piece on the trek up the attic steps, I'd do the same thing!! My sister's tree has two pieces. I think our next will be like that.

    Thanks for stopping by!