Welcome to My New Online Home!!

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Come in.

Welcome to my new online home!

I’m so thrilled you came to visit.

Would you like some tea? Or maybe coffee?

Jason Walker of Website Ministries designed this beautiful site and worked with me oh so patiently to get it exactly how I wanted it. Isn’t it beautiful? He’s very talented. 

When I emailed Jason, who is also the hubby of one of my good writing buddies Jenness Walker, he asked what I wanted in a design. I viewed more sites than I could count and pulled bits and pieces of what I liked from those sites. From there, Jason designed 10 sample templates to show me what he could put together for my site. 

While all of his designs were lovely, I kept gravitating to this particular design. I loved the soothing aqua and white color scheme, the swirls, the playful font. I wanted light and airy with a touch of grown-up whimsy. And Jason captured that so well. 

He continued to stay positive and patient while working with me. Our project would have been done sooner because he is consistently on the ball, but with my schedule, I was slow in getting necessary stuff to him. But we are here now.

So I won’t be posting on my Blogger site any longer. Please update your bookmarks. Get comfy and check out my new home. If you are looking to have a new website created or a makeover for your current site, please consider Website Ministries

Also, check out my friend Keli Gwyn’s beautiful new site. Jason designed hers too.

Your turn: Have you considered having a site makeover by a professional? What elements do you look for in a site? What are your pet peeves with websites? 

Photo credit: bschwehn

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  1. Jessica R. Patch

    I love it! It’s perfect! 🙂 Yay!

    • Lisa Jordan

      Thanks, Jess!

  2. Keli Gwyn

    Congratulations, Lisa!

    Your site is so pretty. I love the colors and the fun font. The slideshow is great. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of you at your launch party.

    Isn’t Jason the best? He does such a wonderful job taking a bunch of ideas, sorting through them, and creating something beautiful. And he’s great to work with. He worked tirelessly to give me everything I wanted and more.

    • Lisa Jordan

      Thanks, Keli! I plan to add more photos to my scrapbook, but this is a good start.

      I look forward checking out the different “rooms” on your new site. Congrats to you!

  3. Melissa Tagg

    Beautiful site, Lisa. I love, love, love it. It totally reflects you and your writing. Yay!

  4. Lindsay Harrel

    So purty! 🙂 And what fun!

  5. Julia Matuska

    Love the new site, Lisa!

  6. Pat Trainum

    Love, love this website. It looks like you. I do like to design my websites, and always try to see how one I really like is put together. Will be looking to see how Jason did all of this! He did a really great job.