2009: A Year of Change

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Attitude of Gratitude: Thank you, Lord, for a new year and fresh starts.

Our family dubbed 2009 as the year of change.

Due to economic downsizing, Hubby lost his job of eleven years in January. Ouch. Talk about sudden panic. My heart raced. Panic clawed at me until God reminded me He had things under control. Okay, Lord, if you say so. I will trust you.

Oh, my. Trust is so easy to talk about, but not always so easy to do. Well, so far, God has kept His promises. He has taken care of us all year long. With the exception of health insurance for Hubby and me, our physical and financial needs have been met.

In March, I celebrated my 40th birthday…and I did it joyfully. I was thrilled to be 40–partly because I’m told over and over again that I don’t look it…hey, I can live with that. But my 40th year was going to be one of new challenges.

In May, I achieved a dream I had been clinging to for 20 years–I received my college diploma. I returned to school in 2006, studied my booty off, and graduated summa cum laude with my associate degree in early childhood education. Despite looking like a dork in my cap, that experience proved we’re never too late for an education, or too old to pursue our dream.

My writing is going well. I have two regular writing commitments. I am a bi-monthly contributor to PG Magazine, a parental guidance magazine for families in our area. I’m a bi-monthly columnist for my writing group’s monthly online magazine. My novel is in the final editing process. I plan to submit it to an agent, who has requested to read the full manuscript. If she likes it and signs me as a client, she will begin to shop it around. I met an editor at the ACFW conference who would like to read the full. All in God’s timing. 

But I wasn’t the only one to don a cap and gown last year. Our oldest son graduated from high school. Ah, yes, change was a coming!! We spent the summer buying college supplies. The closer August drew to a close, the more this mama cried. Driving away from that college campus was the hardest thing I’ve ever done to date. I told a friend that my heart felt like it was being scraped with a carrot peeler. But the tears dried, our budget wheezed with another expense, and our son is growing into a wonderful young man. He just finished his first semester as a biology major. Sure, it had some ups and downs, but God is watching over him.

He isn’t the only college student in our house, though. Hubby decided it was his turn to finish his education, so he’s enrolled in our local business college pursuing his degree in Business Management and Marketing. He’s doing exceptionally well, riding high on the President’s list.

I’ve always said our youngest son marches to the beat of his own drum. He’s content to hole up in his room–the batcave as we affectionately call it–where he’s usually found with his nose in a book, sleeping, or playing on his computer. He is involved in our church’s youth group and choir at school. He auditioned for Madrigals, which is the “elite” choir at school with less than 20 participants. Our oldest made Madrigals during his senior year, and when he graduated, our youngest took his spot. He turned 16 this year, so I’m waiting and wondering when he’ll want to get his driver’s license. Our boys haven’t been in too big of a rush. I wonder if it has anything to do with they need a job to help pay for the insurance increase. Hmm.

Our extended family has given us some scares with medical issues. Cancer, brain tumors, but God is watching over them. They are thriving and doing well.

Despite the challenges of 2009, I’m so blessed. I am surrounded by a loving family. I have terrific friends who share in my laughter and tears. My job is going well *ahem* most days. My writing career is going in a new direction. God continues to provide for us. His grace abounds daily.

I throw out my arms and embrace 2010 because with God by my side, I can handle any challenge.

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  1. Katie Ganshert

    Hi Lisa! You MOST definitely do NOT look 40. I was shocked when I read that on my blog. I blinked several times and almost didn't believe it. I'd love to learn your secret. 🙂

    Congrats to you on getting your diploma!

  2. Lisa Jordan

    LOL, Katie…I promise you, I am 40. I'll turn 41 in March. See, comments like yours are why being 40 doesn't bother me.

    My secret, I think, is no smoking, very little sun, lots of water, and a good moisturizer…oh, and my chubby cheeks puff out any wrinkles. LOL.