25 Days of Christmas Ornaments Day 5, 6, 7, & 8

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I had a very busy weekend and got behind on blogging, so today’s post covers four days of ornaments. They’re all handmade by the same person–my father-in-law. He and I share a common love–the beach and seashelling. In fact, he introduced us to our favorite FL getaway spot–Sanibel Island–a barrier reef island off the Southwestern Gulf coast of Florida.
Sanibel Island is a quiet barrier reef island off the southwestern Gulf coast of Florida. In order to get onto the island, you have to drive over a causeway that connects Sanibel Island to Fort Myers. The island is one of the seashell hot spots in the world.
My father-in-law spends hours on the Sanibel beaches digging deep in the sand for tiny coquina shells. He uses the pastel-colored shells to create flower petals for his ornaments. I love these ornaments because of the time and craftsmanship that went into creating the intricate petals. I love the beach, so the ornaments remind me of floaty tropical breezes, warm sand, and family memories. But most of all, I love these ornaments because of who they came from. I love my father-in-law. He and Hubby are very close. He adores our growing boys. I love spending time with him when he visits from Florida. The best gifts come from the heart.
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  1. Teri Dawn Smith

    Lovely, unique ornaments, Lisa!

  2. Lisa Jordan

    Thanks, Teri. I'm glad you like them. They're among my prized possessions. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  3. Suzeq18

    Great posts and stories to go along with them. The ornaments by your father-in-law are beautiful!