25 Days of Christmas Ornaments Day 4

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One of my best friends and I have been friends since first grade, I think. She is one of the sweetest, most generous people I know. My boys call her Aunt Susie. Every year for Christmas, she sent them ornaments, which is a tradition we cherish. Not because we got stuff, but because the ornaments have meaning and touch our hearts.
This mukluk is one of the ornaments Susan sent the year our youngest son was born. Our youngest son is a very tactile person–he loves to touch and responds to textures. When he was little and helped decorate the tree, he used to stroke the fur cuffs and the felt soles.
Susan lived in Alaska at the time hence the mukluks. She faced some life-changing challenges while living there. I remember a three-hour phone conversation we had about those new circumstances. So when I look at the mukluks, they remind me that life’s circumstances can sometimes make us stronger and more appreciative of the relationships we have. I’m thankful for my friendship with Susan. I love her like a sister and appreciate the laughter and joy she brings to my life…not only at Christmas, but every day throughout the year.
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