Writers Need Hobbies!

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If you walked in my attic, you’d probably freak out a little and want to submit it for an episode of Hoarders. No, I don’t have a problem, unless you count lack of time to clean and organize a problem. It’s a disaster up there with totes of crafting supplies. In my 42 years, I’ve done almost all of it–sewing, counted cross-stitch, crocheting, scrapbooking & stamping, and now knitting.

 In my spare time, I love to knit. I taught myself how over a year ago, and since then, I’ve developed a passion for fibers. This ongoing love affair created friction with my bank account. You see, my bank account is tired of paying for my newfound love of fibers. I have enough yarn to make several afghans, assorted socks, mittens, scarves, and whatever else touches your knitting fancy.

I still do a lot of scrapbooking & stamping. While I love paper and all the fun embellishments, I’m moving into digital scrapbooking, which is portable and no clean up. My poor Mac hard drive is shrinking with unused memory, so I need to find a new home for my photos and digital goodies. I’ve been learning photo manipulation and design with Photoshop. If I didn’t have dreams of being a full-time writer, I would’ve gone into graphic design.

Every writer needs a hobby other than writing. I no longer consider writing a hobby. Now it’s becoming a career. Since I am a stay-at-home-work-at-home mother already, I’m juggling two careers with family, friends, church, and life obligations.

So when in the world do we have time for a hobby?? Well, we have to make the time.

I knit in the evenings while watching NCIS with my family. Knitting relaxes me, erasing the stresses of the day. Knitting allows me to bless others with my gifts. Knitting allows my muse to relax and wander–I’ve gotten great brainstorms while knitting.

Scrapbooking allows me to savor those past memories of when my children were small. Those trips down memory lane remind me what terrific young men they’re turning into. Scrapbooking has given me a novel idea or two, especially as I look at pictures from my past.

Whether you work at home or outside the home, you need a hobby. Hobbies aren’t limited to things like knitting or scrapbooking. Hobbies can be physical too–running, hiking, bird watching, miming in the park–whatever makes your heart happy…but keep it legal.

Hobbies allow you to express yourself in creative ways to be in touch with both sides of your brain. Hobbies allow you to de-stress in a positive, tangible way. Hobbies allow you to have time for yourself when others demand so much from you.

If you don’t have a hobby, think about what you enjoy, and then consider trying that. You’re never too old to learn!

Your turn: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? What hobbies do you do? If you don’t have a hobby, why not? Leave a comment with your e-mail to receive a set of bunny cards like the one pictured in this post.

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  1. Jessica R. Patch

    I love to hunt for old junk furniture and refurbish and distress it. I love shabby sheik! I've found some killer pieces worth thousands of dollars just lying on the side of the road. I also have some hilarious stories of me and my friend trying to wrangle this furniture in my van, which I intend to use in a future book. 🙂 It relaxes me and it's a great time to plot another story. It can be physically strenuous, but because I sit on my duff writing so much, I need it! I'd love some bunny cards! I'm not crafty like that! jrpatch(at)yahooo(dot)com

  2. Catherine West

    Gardening. It's very cathartic and allows for a lot of 'thinking' and talking to God time. Sometimes I rant.
    :0) I used to crochet but that got difficult on my hands, considering I spend all day typing, then trying to do even more handwork got painful. I love to read and I'm trying to make more time for that as well, outside of writing.

  3. Wendy Paine Miller

    I don't know what it is, but something about painting something–anything gets the juices flowing. I've also scrapbooked in my own "creative" way and have tried my hand at quilting (though must of the stitches are pulling out).

    Great question and I so agree we need to activate our minds in other ways. Fun to see you over at thoughts that move!!!
    ~ Wendy

  4. Katie Ganshert

    This is interesting. I've wracked my brain and I do not have a hobby outside of writing (and like you, I don't consider it a hobby…I consider it much more than that). But I'm okay with not having a hobby. Unless you want to count reading as hobby – then I guess I have one!

  5. Sherrinda

    I think I still consider writing a hobby. I'm sure that is not a good thing, but still the truth. I love to do calligraphy and scrapbook cards. I love stationery and love making it!

  6. Jill

    Hobbies–uh, where to begin. I love exercise, 17th and 18th C studies, speaking and learning Spanish and listening to Spanish music. I have so many hobbies, and I desperately want to learn to play the accordion.

  7. Terry W. Ervin II

    Sleeping isn't a hobby? 😉

    I've got turtle raising as my side hobby. Certainly almost as cool as knitting.

  8. T. Anne

    Yikes, I think my comment got eaten!

    I use to sew. I was fabrihollic and my garage is full of fabric I had bought to sell on eBay. My husband still has hope this will happen.