Why Marriage Matters: What’s Unique About Your Marriage?

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Why Marriage Matters post 4_8_13Over the weekend, I attended a training for my day job. The presenter handed out index cards and asked us to write something on the card that is unique about us. We turned in the cards, and throughout her presentation, she pulled a card and read the unique quality and we had to guess who the person was.

Being from out of town, I didn’t know many of the women in the group, so I had no idea who owned the unique quality she mentioned. 

Each one of us has unique qualities. In my training setting, my unique quality was I wrote Christian romance novels for Love Inspired. 

However, in this setting, my unique quality is the reverse–I’m also an early childhood educator. 

While considering a blog post for today, her question echoed through my head. In the middle of Sunday’s sermon, I pulled a notebook out of my purse and wrote, “What’s unique about your marriage?”

 Your marriage may seem routine or boring to you. But someone else may be able to zero in on your marriage’s uniqueness. 

The unique qualities of my marriage are:

  • Hubby and I dated long distance for 18 months before getting marriage, communicating by letters, phone calls and occasional visits. 
  • We eloped.
  • We weathered a terrible storm in our marriage and not only survived, but grew closer together. 
  • In October, we will celebrate 24 years of marriage–something that’s becoming less common.

Your Turn: What’s unique about your marriage? If you’re not married, what’s unique about your parents’ or a sibling’s or a friend’s marriage?

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  1. Jessica R. Patch

    My husband and I are pranksters and always have been. So naturally, our marriage is full of laughing and jokes. It’s helped us through some tough times. This May we’ll celebrate 18 years of marriage!

  2. Amy Leigh Simpson

    My hubby and I are hilarious and strange when we are together (tucked away in our home!) we always tease that we would make for the zaniest realty television marriage because of the ways we goof off around the house. Hope our kids turn out okay 😉

    Working on 6 years of crazy fun times!

  3. Roxanne Sherwood Gray

    My husband and I were widowed before we married one another, so I think the amount of our gratefulness and thankfulness are unique. We also make each another laugh out loud every day.