Stepping Out in Faith

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Over the winter, we had a build up of ice on the roof that caused water to leak in our back entry. This weekend Hubby and our boys spent hours in the heat stripping & repairing that section of roof. Hubby expected it to be a simple project because the area was fairly small.

Hmm, not so much.
Hubby accidentally put his foot through a portion of the roof. He stepped out in faith, expecting the section to hold him. Stripping away shingles showed ants had infested the wet wood, causing damage to the core of the roofing structure. Hubby had to replace the rotted, damaged wood with new wood. 
As Christians, we have to work hard to keep our foundations solid and protected from things that want to eat away at our structures. Reactions to our circumstances can support our faith or eat away until our cores are weak and unstable. It’s so much easier to say we trust God than to actually step out in faith doing it. Stepping is an action verb. We need to do more doing than saying. And no matter what, God is beside us every step of the way.
For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7 KJV

Your turn: Do you struggle with stepping out in faith sometimes? What keeps you moving forward instead of taking steps back? How would you encourage someone else who may be struggling in their faith walk?
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  1. Jessica R. Patch

    Good analogy! Hope Hubby is okay and didn't get hurt.

    Stepping out in faith is hard. Usually, I'm so nauseated, I have to jump on in to relieve the "nagging" when I know it's something I'm supposed to do.

    Not real scriptural or profound, but that's how it works. God says "Do." I panic. I balk. I get sick. I stay sick. I plunge in. I feel better. God takes care of it. Not TUMS. 🙂

    Seems like there's alot of roof repairing going on lately. We had a new one put on as well as a few others.

  2. Jessica Nelson

    I hope your husband is okay.
    For stepping out in faith, I usually close my eyes and jump right in, but I have to know it's what God wants me to do. Sometimes I've been afraid and didn't do it, and then I regretted my lack of action.
    Good luck with that roof!