One Romantic’s View of Valentine’s Day

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I’m a happily ever after girl.

I love Disney fairy tales, chick flicks, romance novels, and anything that makes my heart sigh. But I’m not so crazy about Valentine’s Day.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m all for celebrating love, but love isn’t about just one day. It’s an ongoing celebration.

Hubby and I talked about this last night when we made a quick dash to Walmart for those weekly essentials. The commercialism of the holiday is crazy. Yes, I know we can say thing about almost every holiday. But really? Do people seriously buy those huge teddy bears for almost fifty bucks? Apparently, or the stores wouldn’t be selling them.

Cards, flowers, jewelry, candy, and all those tokens are very sweet gestures of showing love. I’m not saying that. I have a box of cards from Hubby, jewelry, dried roses from bouquets he’s given through the years. I appreciate those gifts very much.

Despite being married for almost 22 years, Hubby and I still celebrate our love on a daily basis. When he folds the laundry, that means more to me than a stuffed bear. His gifts of service touch my heart because I know they’re specific to me.

Since we still have one son at home and one son in college, we celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family. We model love so our boys will show love to each other and others. Hubby and I will have many years together to celebrate by ourselves.

Tonight we will celebrate with homemade lasagna and chocolate cake. I asked Hubby to put build shelves in my craft closet. That gift means more to me than chocolate my hips don’t need.

Love is something that needs to be shared and celebrated on a daily basis through small acts that mean so much to the other person. God models love for us on a daily basis. His unconditional love and grace abounds beyond our comprehension. He wants us to love Him with all of our hearts, our souls, our strengths, our minds. And he wants us to love one another–even those people who may not seem so lovable.
Make every day a Valentine’s Day by showing love to one another and celebrating that emotion with random acts of kindness.

Your turn: What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day?

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  1. Terri Tiffany

    I love your thoughts! That's the kind of marriage we have as well. We don't do flowers or candy etc as we love each other in other ways all during the year. He did leave me a homemade heart under my laptop this am and I decided to write him a love letter. But normally, we just try to show our love each day and that's why we are still together 33 years later:)

  2. Tana Adams

    Sounds like we've been married the exact same number of years! We'll hit 22 in April! Happy V day, Lisa!!

  3. Jessica R. Patch

    Love this post. You're right we were writing about the same thing, but you went deeper! We'll have to swap Lasagna recipes. I have a great one for the crockpot! 🙂 Happy V Day!

  4. Sherrinda

    We think alike! I cooked a special meal and we spent time after the meal just talking. (I have 2 kids at home still)

    My husband shows me his love each and every day by his giving heart and servant spirit. He is the best Valentine EVER! 🙂