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I’m flying to Clearwater, FL tomorrow for the My Book Therapy Deep Thinkers retreat. I’m so excited because I’ll be spending more than 5 days with my writing mentors–award-winning authors Susan May Warren and Rachel Hauck, many of my Ponderer friends, and new friends I’ve met through the My Book Therapy chats.

Not only am I longing to sink my toes in the warm, sugary sand, but I’m looking forward to the intensive workshops under Susie’s and Rachel’s sublime teaching. They’ve been instrumental in helping me grow as a writer and getting published. I love them as friends, admire them as writers, and look forward to soaking in their wisdom.

My Book Therapy is one of the best sites for helping writers grow and discover their voices. Susie had the vision of helping writers several years ago. By being obedient to God’s calling, she is helping writers to strengthen their craft and work toward publication.

Here’s a sample of what My Book Therapy has to offer:

  • Weekly two-hour chats with Susan May Warren on the craft of writing. This year, we are focusing on suspense. Chats are scribed and posted in the forum with homework opportunities for feedback. 
  • Instructional blog with craft articles and book reviews
  • My Book Therapy Club Voices–a forum for writers to chat and hang out
  • Voices e-zine, which comes out bi-monthly and helps writers with articles on craft, industry, community and more
  • Prayer ministry–members of MBT have an opportunity to send prayer requests that are sent anonymously to our prayer coordinator to be prayed over by a private prayer team
  • Frasier writing contest where the grand prize is a FREE My Book Therapy retreat
  • Three retreats a year that build on each other to guide writers toward publication
  • Annual pizza party at ACFW Conference

Membership is free, so check it out and join!

I may be a little biased because I’m the My Book Therapy forum coordinator and editor-in-chief of the Voices ezine. These opportunities came about after developing a friendship with Susie that has grown through the years. She has been an incredible blessing in my life. I believe My Book Therapy is largely responsible for my recent book sale. I’m looking forward to growing with My Book Therapy as God takes us to the next level.

Your turn: Are you familiar with My Book Therapy? What writing organizations do you belong to? How have they helped to strengthen your writing?
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  1. Wendy Paine Miller

    I'm drooling. Pack me in your suitcase, please!

    Loved your checkout diva comment on my blog today!

    I belong to a local ACFW group, TWV2 and MBT. I'm constantly learning from other writers.

    Is there anything I can do to help out w/ MBT?
    ~ Wendy

  2. MaryC

    Ahhhh, Lisa. I'm going to close my eyes and imagine I'm in Florida with you. The retreat sounds sublime!

    Thanks for mentioning MBT in your chat on Keli's blog. I joined because of reading about it in your interview. So much wonderful info and Monday's chat was so valuable.

    Have a great trip!

  3. Melissa Tagg

    To answer your question: Yes, I am familiar with My Book Therapy!! I have said many times, and will say again, that MBT is the best thing that ever happened to me writing-wise. I have learned more through MBT about the art of crafting a story than in all my college writing classes put together – not to say those classes weren't helpful and fun. I'm just saying, Susie and Rachel's expertise is invaluable…and their mentorship, an incredible blessing.

    Plus, if it weren't for MBT, I wouldn't know the Ponderers, some of the most fabulous-o people I know.

    The Frasier Contest, also, rocks. Amazing feedback…and a pretty sweet prize, too!!

    See you tomorrow, LJ!!

  4. Tana Adams

    I've never heard of Book Therapy! How fun that y'all are meeting and at the beach no less. My kind of people. =) Don't forget the sunscreen. (It's the mom in me.)

  5. patti.mallett_pp

    I'm so envious of you, Lisa, BUT even more happy for you!! Can't imagine anything better this side of heaven than a wonderful writing retreat with friends, that is also close to the OCEAN!! May you be Super-Blessed and have a ***** time!!! (I plan to get settled into MBT in the months ahead and am very excited about having found you all.)

  6. Jessica R. Patch

    How fun, Lisa! Wish I could come! I haven't been a part of MBT long, but what I've discovered so far is amazing! I belong to CWG,ACFW, a local chapter of ACW, and a friend and I are planning to start a Word Weavers critique group for our local area. Have a great time!

  7. Christine

    Praying for all of you to get your writer's batteries recharged! Looking forward to joining you all next year. So thankful God worked it out for you to go.

    I will echo several others who have commented. MBT is an AWESOME place to meet other Christian writers. I have been so blessed by Susan, Lisa, Reba, Rachel, and so many others sharing what they have learned.

    I am working to put the final touches on my Frasier entry. I am really looking forward to the feedback!

    Enjoy the retreat!