Genesis Contest Finalist!

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On Thursday afternoon, around 12:30, the phone rang. Nap time had just started, so the house was quiet. I answered the phone with the usual “hello?” A man asked for me and gave me news that made my heart dance and eyes well with tears. That man was Jim Rupart, one of the coordinators for the Genesis writing contest, a writing contest for unpublished writers sponsored by ACFW. He called to say, “Congratulations, your entry finaled in the Genesis contest!”

I’m a gushy person when excited so, of course, I blubbered on the phone. We chatted for a few minutes, and then hung up. I called Hubby and shared the exciting news, and then called a couple of friends who understood my joy.

I entered two manuscripts in this contest. Ironically, the entry that finaled was the one I almost DIDN’T enter. I did not feel confident about it, but a friend persuaded me to enter it anyway to get the feedback to make it better. So I did. Now when I attend the ACFW conference in September, I will have a finalist ribbon to add to my name tag.

You know, I really don’t care about winning. Yes, I’d be thrilled if I did, but having my entry make it to the top five is exciting enough.

I received my scoresheets that afternoon and had 48 hours to polish the manuscript before it would be sent to the final round judges. In my category, the final judges are two editors and one agent.

Finding time in those 48 hours was a challenge since I was out of town for most of them and dealt with a family emergency. I read the feedback I received, considered it, made changes, and submitted the revised entry five minutes before the deadline. I know. I know. Nothing like cutting it close.

My extreme gratitude goes to Camy Tang, her panel of coordinators, and the judges for their hard work. Without them, this contest would not be a success. I am eternally grateful for this opportunty. I praise God for opening another door on my writing journey.

I told my sister I was Snoopy Dancin’ and she didn’t know what I meant, so this is for her:

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  1. Keli Gwyn

    Congrats on your Genesis final. Enjoy the thrill.