I’ve been struggling with my current novel. Several times I’ve stopped working on it to focus on something else, but the pesky characters just wouldn’t hush inside my head, so I’d pull up the story again. This has been going on for several months. In fact, I could’ve had the dang thing written by now.

I know what the story needs–more tension. I really struggled with figuring out how to add the tension in a believable way. 
Saturday evening I walked through my kitchen to go to my bedroom for a minute. As soon as my hand touched the doorknob to my bedroom, I had an epiphany–a sudden revelation–about my novel. I did a little mental brainstorming asking questions of my characters when I realized I had a completely revised story line with a lot more tension and drama than my previous plot. I have a renewed passion for this novel and wrote over 1000 words in an hour before church yesterday.
Doncha just love those Aha! moments? 
I have been praying about this story, but it seemed like my prayers grazed the tree limbs and settled there. I’m not the most patient person, but I believe in a Most Patient God. He answers prayers in His own time, according to His will. Yeah, that’s hard for me at times because I’m like a toddler at times–I want it now.
I’ve learned a few things about myself during this process:
1. I’m a terrific whiner. Okay, so that may not be the most positive trait, but I’m trying to be transparent here…work with me.
2. I believe in my characters. They have a story to tell. Someone, somewhere may be able to relate to my characters’ situation and be blessed with hope. If a reader is drawn closer to God through one of my stories, I’ll consider that story a success. 
3. It’s hard for me to give up. Perseverance is a necessary trait in the writing industry. If I had given up at the first sign of struggle, then how could I handle the really tough stuff that comes my way.
4. Most importantly, I knew this epiphany came from God. My prayers have soared higher than the treetops. I know He answers prayers. I just need to be more patient and wait on His timing. 
Why do I feel this was a complete God-thing? I have peace about this story line. In the small amount of research I’ve done, I’ve had questions answered quickly. The words are flowing from my finger tips. If I hadn’t stopped to get ready for church yesterday, I could’ve written several thousand words. I’m not saying they’d be great words, but rough drafts don’t have to be great–they just have to be written.
Share Your Thoughts: Have you struggled with a plot issue? How did you get over it? What epiphanies have you had for your stories?

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  1. Terry W. Ervin II

    Great to learn you're moving forward again!

    I get through plot issues through time and thought, and sometimes reviewing previously-read novels. Usually plot issues are not the problem for me, but finding solid blocks of time to write.

  2. kathy taylor

    Beautiful! Recently I had to add some verbiage for one of my narrators to say. It was to let the reader know the style of writing is purposeful, voice & style mimicking plot.

  3. Katie Ganshert

    Oh yes! I struggle with every story. I sort of wrote about this today. ABout how God eventually shows up to guide me. Maybe not in my time, but He shows up. Sounds like that's what happened!

    I got your email, btw! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet. I will this afternoon! I'm excited to read more about your epiphany. 🙂

  4. Sherrinda

    I love epiphanies! God is a giver of good things and I'm so glad He gifted you with what you needed!

  5. T. Anne

    I SO need an epiphany moment like that! How wonderful it all came together for you and you were able to sneak in 1K before church! I'm lucky to squeeze in breakfast before our service.

  6. Kelly Freestone

    I'm so happy for you!

    Moments of clarity when we know exactly where we need to go are such a blessing!

    I look for that every morning.
    Now get to journaling!
    Thanks for stopping by the blog today 😀

  7. Jody Hedlund

    I love those ah-hah moments!! They're so fun! I'm having a few with my newest book that I'm plotting. When a piece of the puzzle falls into place, I get excited!!