Blessed Be the List Makers For They Shall Organize the Earth

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My name is Lisa and I’m a list maker. I’ve been making lists for as long as I can remember. One Post-it pad created a craving for another one–this time in a different color, shape, or size. Now I can’t pass an Office Max, or even the office supplies aisle at Walmart without taking a peek. I breathe in the scent of paper, finger the textured grips on the pens, and try oh so hard to defy temptation.

I make lists for everything from my daily to-do list, grocery list, prayer list, and even listing craft projects I need to finish. Sticky notes line the edge of my computer and the board on my desk. I keep a small Post-it pad in my Bible case, my purse, and in almost every room of the house. 
I’ve never been diagnosed with ADD, but lately, I feel like I’ve been the reigning Queen of Digression in the land of Tangents and Bunny Trails. 
When Laura Numeroff wrote the If You Give a Moose a Muffin, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, If You Give a Pig a Pancake books, I think she must’ve known there are adults out there who have attention spans like the moose, the mouse, and the pig and could relate to the stories. 
For example, I made a to-do list yesterday with five things of high priority on them. I came home from church and wanted to sit for a few minutes to check emails before diving into my to-do list. Well, one email led me to a website on digital scrapbooking–my latest creative endeavor. And then, I received a TweetDeck update where a writing friend posted about The Brainstormer app for iPhone. Naturally I was curious and decided to check that out. This happened all afternoon. By bedtime, I had completed one task on my to-do list. Regardless of the list, I had a productive day and checked off things on my mental list. After all, there’s always today to finish those tasks. 
Blessed are the list makers for they shall organize the earth. 
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Share Your Thoughts: Are you a list maker? Paper or electronic organizer? Do they help you stay organized, or do they add stress to your life when your list isn’t complete? How do you stay focused and productive? 
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  1. Julie Jarnagin

    I'm a huge list maker. I keep my work (day job) task list on my outlook and my home and writing task list in a paper organizer. I keep my calendar in my phone, which syncs to my outlook. I'm more stressed without the lists. If I don't write it down, my mind won't quit thinking about it.

  2. Suzeq18

    Laughed while recognizing myself in your post. I keep my lists personalized Google page – front and center on my computer! Spent the morning making one for home and three different ones for work (current, fall and misc). Already told myself no computer time tonight until the items on my home list are checked off.

  3. kathy taylor

    I've never been a list person. I work by calendar, which of course, is a modified list. My husband's the organized one and he LOVES post-it notes.

  4. T. Anne

    Isn't it funny, I need a post it for everyday of the week. I write stuff down before I go to bed that way I won't ruminate over things. It works!!!!

  5. Jody Hedlund

    I'm most definitely a list maker! I just don't know how I'd keep track of things without them! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Jill

    I make lists. And then I lose my lists. I think I need a list of my lists. I feel a blog post coming on! : )

  7. Jessica Nelson

    LOL! I love your title. I only make a list for the grocery store because I'm forgetful. I use a calendar for events, but I try to keep events to a minimum, so my calendar isn't in any way full. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Very cute! And I can't believe there are all these other list-makers out there!

  8. Terri Tiffany

    We are in the same club. I leave notes and lists all over but the big list is usually by my purse so when I go out, I'll know where to go! Love them!

  9. Rosslyn Elliott

    I am a listmaker. But a day without a list is a good day! ๐Ÿ™‚