Cyber Movie Night–Mamma Mia

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I chat online with two other girls. Even though I’ve never met one of the girls face to face and see the other one once every couple of years, these girls are two of my closest friends. Does that make me pathetic? Meh, I don’t care. We share laughter and tears, vent about our days, and lift up each other in prayer.

I’m the old, married lady of the group. I dispense my wise counsel *cough* to these impressible young women. Hee. At times, I can be the silliest in the group. Maybe that’s because for ten hours a day, I’m accompanied by six children under the age of four.

One of the things we like to do together is cyber movie night. We take turns choosing movies and a date when we want to view the movie. We sync our DVD players and watch the movie at the same time while indulging in calorie-free cyber treats.

Last night we watched Mamma Mia. What a fun movie! I’ve been an ABBA fan since I was 12. I remember receiving my first ABBA cassettes from the BMG Music Club. I played those tapes to the point where the lyrics nestled in my longterm memory.

Mamma Mia is the story of an about-to-be–married woman who wants to find her father before the wedding. She found a clue to her father’s identity, but needs to narrow it down to three men. She decides to invite all three men to her wedding. Like any good movie, twists and turns created conflict, which made for a wonderful movie. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you rent it soon. Skip the popcorn because it’s hard to crunch and sing. Believe me, this movie will have you chiming in.

Pierce Brosnan may be wonderful eye candy, but he needs to leave the singing to the professionals. Every time he broke into song, the hair on the back of my neck stood on end. My shoulders rose to touch my earlobes (okay, maybe a slight exaggeration) and *I* felt embarrassed for him!

Cyber movie nights are always enjoyable, but I think this was the funnest movie we’ve shared in a while. Looking forward to the next cyber movie night!

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  1. Carolyn

    I love virtual movie night! I think that was one of our best ones yet! We need to do musicals more often!

  2. Tina M. Russo

    I watched this on Christmas Day. It just makes you smile. Poor Pierce, lol. Did you know Christine Baranski (Tanya)is like in her sixties? I want to be her when I grow up.