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When I was younger…okay, last year, I used to read the endings of books before I bought them. I wanted to be sure the ending would satisfy me since I was planning to invest several hours into reading the book. To me, there is nothing worse than getting caught up in characters’ lives only to have the ending ruin the book for me. I’ve tried to break myself out of that habit, but I’m not always successful. I’ve done well with suspense novels so I don’t ruin the element of surprise.

Yesterday, I spent several hours watching a mini series on TV. I hadn’t planned to watch the show, but an online chat friend mentioned she wanted to see it and my son said he wanted to watch it, as well. The series ran all weekend, but I missed the first part so I didn’t pay attention to the second part. Yesterday they ran the series from beginning to end. I got caught up in the first episodes and kept watching.

The characters captured my attention, particularly the brooding sensei. One character was supposed to be the lovable geeky friend, but I thought he was an annoying doofus. I suspended belief due to the content of the show, but I was so frustrated by the ending. The show is based on a young adult book series, but I would’ve preferred if the screenwriters had taken artistic liberties and shown us a happily ever after ending complete with a sweet kiss. Yes, I’m a romantic.

Several years ago, I watched Message in a Bottle and loved the story until the end. I decided I’d never read a Nicholas Sparks novel after that. As my writing knowledge grew, I learned the difference between romance novels and love stories. Many readers figure they’re the same thing. Romance novels have a happily ever after between the main characters. Love stories tell a love story, but may have a tragic or not-so-happily ever after ending. Message in a Bottle told of a love story between the characters, but it wasn’t a happily ever after, in my opinion.

I’m a sucker for romance, so bring on the happily ever after.

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  1. Bhaswati

    I am big fan of Happily Ever. Not even "after." LOL. So I understand your frustration at those stories that get us all involved, only to leave us disappointed in the end. No fun.

  2. Lisa Jordan

    Sury! So good to see you on the blog circuit again! I've missed you, dear friend.

    Book endings seal the book for me, so I agree disappointing endings are no fun for me either.