The Gift of Being Special

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Last week I asked my Sunday school students what makes them so special in God’s eyes. One twelve-year-old girl said, “I’m special because God created only one of me.”

I absolutely loved her answer!

Mary was special and highly favored in God’s eyes. He chose her to carry His son. What an amazing blessing! Mary didn’t come from royalty or come from an extraordinary family. She was an ordinary young woman whom God favored to bear his Son. She had a humble heart and chose to obey God.

We may feel like we’re ordinary, nothing special. Who would want to use us? We can’t make a difference.


God’s plans for our lives may be unknown, but when we approach His throne with humble hearts and remain obedient to His will, He can work through us to do extraordinary things.

I’m constantly moved by Susie Warren’s testimony about My Book Therapy. She had a vision and trusted God to make it happen. When she started writing, Susie was basically unknown. Not even a decade later, her books are winning amazing awards because she remains obedient to God’s calling in her life. Her teaching spirit inspires and encourages other writers to strive for the brass ring. No wonder she won ACFW‘s Mentor of the Year award. So well deserved.

God made only one Susan May Warren. None of us can write exactly like her. Bummer. 🙂 However, we can apply the principles she teaches to strengthen our own writing.

We don’t know what God has in store for our writing. But if we surrender our lives to Him, he will give us the desires of our hearts.

During this Christmas season, take time to listen to God’s voice to hear what He may be laying on your heart. Ponder the peace that resonates deep within you, and then thank Him for his unconditional love and the abilities He gave you.

Like snowflakes, we are one of a kind. We are special and highly favored in His eyes.

Question for you: What makes you special? What unique abilities do you have?

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  1. Katie Ganshert

    I love this post Lisa! Such a great reminder. There is only one us. It's so silly of us to compare and try to be like somebody else, when God created us to be like ourselves.

  2. Lisa Jordan

    You're so right, Katie. God doesn't compare us to others, so why should we? Being unique has its privileges. 🙂