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Sunset Beach
Trish Perry
ISBN: 978-0736926751

Back cover blurb: Sonny Miller plans to use a week’s vacation at a San Diego beach house to find answers she has wanted all her life. She invites her mother, Teresa, and her mother’s estranged sister, Melanie, to the quiet and quirky retreat. They both show up…and with surprises of their own. Teresa, a successful classical singer, brings her latest protege, and Melanie brings along secrets about Teresa and the identity of Sonny’s father.

Strong personalities cause big waves, and Sonny quickly finds herself in over her head. But as the sisters begin to reconcile and reconnect, Sonny makes some surprising connections–romantic and otherwise–of her own.

I was excited to read this novel for a couple of reasons. I read the first two books in the The Beach House Series by Sally Johns and loved them. Oh, my! That woman can tell a story! But when I learned Trish Perry was going to continue The Beach House Series, I was even more excited because not only is Trish Perry a good friend, but she is also one of my favorite authors.

I read Trish Perry’s first novel, The Guy I’m Not Dating, and LOVED it. It was the funniest book I’ve read in my life. Every single girl needs to read this book before she begins dating.

Another reason I wanted to read Sunset Beach is because I love beaches. In fact, my skin is still peeling from the sunburn I received during our vacation on Sanibel Island. As I read Sunset Beach, I could hear the ocean waves, feel the sun on my skin, hear the gulls cawing overhead. Reading this novel continued the beach experience for me, so yeah, I loved reading it.

Sunset Beach is more women’s fiction, in my opinion, with a romantic thread woven into the plot. The characters were so real with their emotions and dialogue. Kudos to Trish for making them come alive for me. I love the quirky cast that goes along with the well-worn beach house–Julian and Zeke. I think everyone needs a Julian or Zeke in their lives to be their Voices of Reason. Sonny’s relationship with her mother could be experienced by many mothers and daughters around the world. Lack of communication, pride, and shame are great motivators for keeping families apart.

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Since the book is titled Sunset Beach, I’d like to a couple of pictures I took of sunsets over Sanibel.

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Be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win a Sunset Surprise!

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