Soar on wings like eagles

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Well, it’s been three days since Hubby and I took DS #1 to scout camp and left him for the next eight weeks. Granted, he’ll be home for an overnighter on most weekends, but most of his time will be spent 90 minutes away from his family. Not only is this his first summer job, but it’s a cool one—he’s a lifeguard. No pun intended… I hear you groaning. Before we left the camp, I gave him three huge hugs, a couple of kisses, and bits of Mom wisdom that had him rolling his eyes. You know what I’m talking about—don’t forget to shower, hang up your wet clothes, mind your manners, wear your sun block.

I’m not worried about the first three, well the clothes one is iffy, but the last bit of advice won’t be remembered until his skin resembles a cherry tomato. Teenagers (remember when you were one?) live for the here and now. They do what pleases them, including frying their tender skin so they can have “a little color.” They don’t think about the consequences twenty or thirty years from now when those strange spots appear on their skin and won’t go away…

Anyway, it’s strange not having him around. The house is quiet. No fighting, no back talk, no door slamming or stomping off to his room. No using my head for an armrest. He’s now 5’10”–when did that happen?? No redneck one-liners. No spontaneous hugs. To be fair, DS #2 is following in his footsteps with some of those things. I know, I know, it’s only 8 weeks…

Last night DS #2 said it was boring without him at home. Um, hello? When the two boys are together, they bicker and fight over the TV, the computer, the Game Cube, the color of the sky….you know what I mean. Brothers will be brothers, but there’s a bond between them that’s hard to break. Yes, sadly, it does happen, but that’s a blog post for another day.

I’m the kind of mom that has a hard time letting go. I got married at 20 and DS #1 arrived when I was 21, so the last 17 years of my life have been spent taking care of others. I’ve gotten better through the years by losing the apron strings, but I’m not ready to fully untie them. This summer job will be good for both of us. He gets a taste of freedom without Mom hovering over his shoulder and he gets paid doing something he enjoys. I get a taste of what it may be like once he leaves the nest for good. For now, I’ll take the eight weeks.

The next three years will zoom past faster than a Harley at a scooter convention and he’ll be stretching out those wings, ready to fly. My prayer for his flight that he will remember and take to heart those bits of advice that had him rolling his eyes. Once he’s on his own, he’ll see just how smart his mother is. 😛

Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:30-31 NIV

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  1. Bhaswati

    Aww. I hope your son's staying away isn't being too hard on you. Caring mothers like you are a blessing, and I am sure your kids appreciate that.

    ~ Sury

  2. Sara

    Well spoken, Lisa! I'm not a mother myself but I know how it was when I left home for the first time.

    I'm very close to my parents and it was hard of them, and me. To me it seems like this sort of thing is best done gradually instead of all at once (ie:going off to college) You are a great mom and I'm sure you're handling the separation with grace and courage.


  3. Lisa Jordan

    I miss him, but knowing he's happy and safe gives me a sense of peace.

  4. Lisa Jordan

    Oops, I hit enter too soon. Sury, thanks for your kind words too. You're such an encouragement.

    This is preparing me for when he does go off to college, especially since he does plan to do camp every summer. When both boys go, I won't know what to do with myself! Thanks for your kind words too! You're my personal cheerleader! 😀