Name Change…or not

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It’s been just about a month since my last blog entry. I’ve been busier the past month than I have the previous two. March found me knee-depth in tax paperwork, daycare trainings, contest coordination, a scrapbook retreat, and birthday celebrations. With those things behind me, I can focus on other matters, namely my writing.

One aspect of my writing is blogging. I love having space on the ‘net where I can muse about whatever pops into my head. Recently I considered changing my blog title. Although I have the musings part down, I’m floundering in the reviews department. The title I considered used write as a pun, but a wonderful online friend suggested that has been overdone in the world o’blogging. While chatting with her yesterday, I decided to review other things besides books. I could review TV shows, blogs, movies, or anything else that catches my attention.

Another area that needs my attention is my novel. I put it on the back burner to simmer while I tended to the pots that threatened to bubble over. My poor characters have been tossed aside while I crunched numbers, learned more about the children in my care, shuffled contest entries, created a memory album, and aged another year. All of these things were very important for the different hats I wear, but my characters are just as important.

Even though I’m not a published writer yet, I need to become more focused, more disciplined with my writing time. Especially since there is a limited amount of time I have each day to write. I can’t be a wannabe writer–one who talks about writing, but doesn’t follow through. I have a completed novel in dire need of editing, the next two books in the same series already started, and a new novel in a different genre started. Now it’s time to bribe my muse out of hiding and see what I can throw at my characters.

Watch for a new review soon!

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  1. Bhaswati

    You are anything but a wannabe writer, Lisa. I have seen your passion, your dedication. Planning is good, but doesn't always pan out the way we wish. So don't worry. Just keep nudging your muse, now that you are out of the knee-deep zone, and sooner than you know, it will be scribbling with full gusto.

    Oh, and do keep blogging. I, for one, love to read your posts. Will look forward to the promised review 😉

  2. Sara

    I am such a horrible friend! I haven't commented on your blog in so long, Lisa! Well I am determined to rectify this situation right now!

    I truly admire your passion and determination to do what you want to do most in life. I only wish I were so motivated. C'est la vie. Sometimes you just have to take whatever life throws your way. Just keep at it, Lisa!

  3. Robert Farley

    Free advice coming: cut to the chase. What do you want to do? Review things? Blah. Write? Yay!

    Get back to your characters. Your stories. Sure, you know how it all comes out, but nobody else does. So get back in and perfect those scenes, those chapters, those stories. That's what you want to do and all this other stuff is just a writer's way of procrastinating.

    Unless you want to become a reviewer of things at the expense of your stories.

    Having a slight idea of how much you've got on your plate, that is my advice: cut out what doesn't keep you writing your stories. Keep your blog for rantings and opinions–both of which can substitute for "reviews"–but don't make it a focus. You have too many foci now.

    Free advice session ended. Please tip the concierge on your way out.