Memory’s Chalice

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Our oldest son has many gifts, one of which is writing beautiful poetry. We’re not talking Dr. Seuss rhyming here…he truly has an ability to string emotionally provoking words together to form beautiful word images.

Last year for Mother’s Day, he wrote me a poem, typed it on the computer, and framed it. It’s one of the most wonderful gifts I’ve ever received. The poem is titled, “Tears of a Mother’s Life.”

The first stanza reads:

A new dawn breaks and with a cry,
We take our first breath,
The warm embrace of mother and child.
A single tear of joy and love,
Falls from her and lands in Memory’s chalice,
Never to be forgotten.
(Excerpt taken from A Tears of a Mother’s Life
© Scott Jordan 2008)

Okay, my throat is thickening by reading that opening line. LOL, I’m a sap.

The poem details a mother/son voyage from birth to death. If you have children, you truly understand the bond between mother and child.

One Sunday morning, our son nudged me and asked for paper. Instead of scolding him about writing during church, I simply dug through my purse for the ever present notebook and handed it to him. He penned another poem. I understood the need to write when an idea hits.

Our son entered a poetry contest through our county library. He submitted three poems. Last night we attended the public reading and awards event. His poem, “To My Snowy Thornless Rose”, the one he wrote during church service won fourth place. It’s about an elderly man saying goodbye to the love of his life. We were excited with this placement. He read the poem in his manly voice, and then accepted his award. Two other students won third and second places for their poems. Then, they announced the first place winner. Our son won first place for his poem, “Tears of a Mother’s Life.”

As he read the poem, I recorded him on my digital camera with tears streaming down my face. Even as I type this, the backs of my eyes feel heavy and warm. To say I was pleased is an understatement. It’s not the award or the winnings that touch my heart, but the true love for me that my son wrote about. We have a deep connection. We clash often, but Hubby says that’s because we’re so much alike.

Our son graduates from high school in less than a month, and then he will be off to college. That will be a new season in our lives–one I’m not ready for, but I have to let him go to spread his wings.

I’m truly thankful for the two boys God has gifted us with. They are unique and complete in their own individual ways. Both boys have gifts and abilities that set them apart from anyone else. As they grow from little boys into men, I treasure each hug, each “I love you, Mom,” each memory and allow my tears to privately collect in memory’s chalice.

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