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Is your book lacking in plot? Are your characters flat? Is your setting ho-hum? Are the voices in your head too quiet?

Sounds like you need to schedule a session at My Book Therapy with book therapists, award-winning authors Susan May Warren, Rachel Hauck, and recently Sarah Sumpolec have teamed up to provide book therapy for writers whose work is in dire need of counseling. 🙂

elcome to the Love To Write blog tour! Inside Out

Below you will find the links to the stops along the tour. Each blogger will be posting different articles, interviews and tips from the My Book Therapy team or “therapists” as they’re better known as, Susan May Warren, Rachel Hauck and Sarah Sumpolec!

My Book Therapy is a boutique fiction editing service that helps writers discover the writer inside!

Check out the video trailer here!

Want to win a copy of the book for yourself or a discount on a Book Therapy session? Visit the blogs to learn how.

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1. From the Inside…Out: Discover, Create and Publish the Novel in You

Blurb: Have you always wanted to write a novel, but didn’t know where to start? This book is for you. With proven techniques, easy to understand explanations and practical steps, From The Inside…Out will teach you how a story is structured then take you through the process of creating and marketing your novel. Topics include: Character-driven plotting, How to HOOK your reader, The elements and flow of SCENES, How to build STORYWORLD, Secrets to Sizzling Dialogue, Proven Self-Editing techniques, Synopsis and Query letter writing, How to manage your writing career …and everything in between!

Link to buy the book:

Lisa’s comments: I bought this book before the tour started and LOVE it!! The conversational writing style and concrete examples help this visual learner understand what Susie is saying. There have been a couple of points that finally clicked after reading the lessons in this book. With hands-on worksheets, writers can use the lessons in this book to figure out the problems in their own novels! Great book at a low price!

2. Blog-A-Book!

Blurb: Write a book with My Book Therapy Voices in 2009!

Remember those games you used to play where your friend started the story, and you finished it? Or the “Choose your own ending” books? Ever wanted to be a part of the story process, giving input on the character’s decisions, learning how to write a book as you go? Me too!

Here at My Book Therapy, we love to write, and we love to teach writers how to find their voice. So, in 2009 we’ll be writing a book together! Starting in January, we’ll create characters, a plot, develop conflict, the black moment, the epiphany and finally…the happy ending. Then, week by week, you’ll be a part of the creation process, voting on the next step of our hero’s journey, watching the book take life, and learning the nuances of crafting a story. You’ll Blog-A-Book with the My Book Therapy authors and get tools to help you how to write your own novel.

And, at the end of the year, we’ll have a book we’ve all created, something that we’ll publish! And, best of all, the proceeds will go to support IJM, an organization that fights human trafficking around the world.

I’m really excited about our new project, and can’t wait to see what the collective mind put together.

So, Come and Blog-A-Book. Learn. Fellowship. Bless.

My Book Therapy…Discover the writer in you.

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