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Cheryl is running a fun KINDLE giveaway during the blog tour. Continue reading for more information.

About A Friend in the Storm: This ninety-six page gift-book combines heartfelt poetry with powerful quotes and Scripture verses to speak to the heart and soul of anyone going through difficult times. The beautiful fabric binding with foil stamping makes this the perfect gift for anyone seeking comfort.

Author Cheryl Ricker reaches into the depths of human suffering from the perspective of Christ speaking to the reader in soothing poetic words.
This elegant gift book will reach the heart and soul of anyone facing difficult circumstances, leading them through their suffering into the arms of a faithful loving God. Each two-page spread includes a poem, as well as reflections written by Christian leaders, along with healing Scripture verses.
About Cheryl Ricker:  Cheryl Ricker has a degree in creative writing and has written columns and articles for various magazines and newspapers. She’s been writing poetry all her life and her poems have won awards in fine arts and literary magazines. Cheryl lives with her husband and two sons in Rochester, Minnesota. Please check out Cheryl’s amazing website for more information.

Lisa’s Thoughts: I received A Friend in the Storm as a free book from Zondervan in exchange for participating in this blog tour. As soon as I received it, I opened it and started going through it. This beautiful book’s poetry with its meaningful quotes, restful colors, and soothing images flows over wounded hearts and surrounds them with serenity and comfort. As a mother of a poet, I truly appreciated Cheryl’s talent. Her words spoke to me in a way I didn’t expect. Her love of Jesus shines in each verse. There’s a comfort in knowing Who she loves. I tried to pick out a favorite poem, but it was a fruitless task because each one speaks to me in a different way. Buy her book and see for yourself!

Cheryl Ricker is hosting this great contest over at her website during the blog tour for A Friend in the Storm.

A Friend in the Storm, Zondervan’s latest innovative gift book of quotes, Scripture and poetry that leads to lasting hope!

Since this book covers matters of the heart, Cheryl wants to hear from YOUR heart! In the midst of any type of loss, grief or crisis, A Friend in the Storm takes you on a healing journey where you experience Christ’s love in a fresh, memorable way. Now she invites you to submit an original poem, story or snippet about a time when someone was a friend in your storm… and she’s giving you the opportunity to win a KINDLE to do it!
Head on over to her Contest Page on her website to find out how to enter!

On October 3rd, she will randomly select one winner to receive a brand-new KINDLE! She’s also choosing 5 more names at random to receive a signed copy of A Friend in the Storm! The winners will be announced at her Facebook Party on October 4th. The party will take place on Cheryl’s Facebook “A Friend in the Storm” Page – go here for all the details

The Facebook Party will be a blast!  Not only will she be announcing the Share Your Storm Kindle Giveaway winners, but she’ll also be chatting with party goers, hosting fun trivia contests, and giving away even more prizes every 10 minutes – including signed copies of A Friend in the Storm, and gift certificates to and!

Oh, and check this out – Cheryl is also giving away a $50 Amazon gift certificate! Simply help her spread the word about the contest; Facebook Party. Interested? It’s easy to enter! Here’s how:

Share this on FACEBOOK: Want to help someone who’s hurting? “A Friend in the Storm,” Zondervan’s latest gift book of quotes, Scripture and poetry, is helping thousands find lasting Hope! Go here to to enter to win a KINDLE!

Post this on TWITTER: A Friend in the Storm by @cherylricker heals hearts in tough times. Enter 2 win a KINDLE here! #litfuse  (You must use hashtag #litfuse to be entered.)

Share this as many times as you like – just email by October 4th and let her know how many times you tweeted/shared on Facebook, twittered or blogged about the contest. Each ‘sharing’ represents one entry into the contest.

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  1. Cheryl Ricker

    Thanks, Lisa! I think it's neat that you're a mother of a poet, and I'm glad my book blessed you! May it continue to bless everyone who share it with!
    Warmly, Cheryl

  2. T. Anne

    Congrats to Cheryl on getting her book out there. It sounds like you really enjoyed it Lisa! And congrats on getting your work submitted. I'm praying for you!

  3. Erin MacPherson

    Hi Lisa. Cheryl's book sounds great… thanks for telling me about it!