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Newspaper headlines tell of the horrors affecting our brothers and sisters around the world. Whether it be war, natural disasters, or terrorist attacks. After reading these tragic events I feel compassion and sadness for those who are suffering from these different sorts of devastations. Unless it affects me directly, I can only imagine what they’re going through.

Last week, at least 200 people were killed and many more injured when a series of planned bomb attacks struck the local train network in Mumbai, India. After reading this news story I went online to check on my dear writing friend, Bhaswati Ghosh

Bhaswati lives in India and while I prayed the situation hadn’t affected her physically, I knew she would be dealing with an emotional blow. When asked how she was doing, she mentioned being shocked and stunned by what had happened in her country.

Because of 9/11, I have a better understanding of what she was feeling because I remembered the mounting despair and the chilling sense of fear that surrounded me as I watched the newscasts about the tragedy that befell our country. However, surrendering to that fear allows the bad guys to win. It’s possible to go about our daily routines and still be mindful of the situations around us.

Bhaswati posted photos taken of the Mumbai citizens who are acting as heroes in spite the terror and chaos that plague them. Visit her blog to view the pictures. One of the sidebars is a link to visit the CNN website where you can light a candle and for each candle lit, CNN will donate one rupee for the bombing relief. Yesterday, Bhaswati said over $5000 USD has been raised so far.

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1 Comment

  1. Bhaswati

    Thanks so much for this thoughtful post, Lisa. I really appreciate it :).