Lakeside Reunion Blog Hop–Jaime Wright & Laura Hilton

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Thanks for celebrating my exciting news yesterday! I’m finishing revisions for Lakeside Family this week. I’m always so excited about the next step in the publishing process.

Today, the Lakeside Reunion Blog Hop heads to Jaime Wright’s blog where we’re curled up in cozy chairs and chatting. My hands are wrapped around a steaming mug of Good Hope Vanilla tea while Jaime drinks her favorite coffee. If you know Jaime at all, you know she adores her coffee, but I’m so thankful she let me into her living room with my tea.

Then hop over to Laura Hilton’s blog and learn more about my writing journey! Don’t forget to collect your tokens–that’s right two today. One from Jaime’s blog and one from Laura’s blog.

Remember the Lakeside Scavenger Hunt and Lakeside Photo Contest happening during the Blog Hop. Visit each blog to collect your next token. I’m terribly sorry lakeside photos for the photo contest haven’t been posted. I’m having operator error  technical difficulties in getting the slideshow to work, but I hope to have it up and running tonight! Check back for fabulous photos!

This week’s Blog Hops include:

10/24  Melissa Tagg
10/25  Jaime Wright
10/25  Laura Hilton
10/26  The Pink Heart Society 
10/27  Heidi Main
10/28  The FAITH Girls
10/28 The MBT Ponderers

If you missed last week’s, you can find them here:

10/17 My Blog
10/18 Amy Sorrells
10/19 Keli Gwyn
10/20 Beth Vogt
10/21 Inkwell Inspirations

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1 Comment

  1. Eileen Astels Watson

    Will head over to Jaime's today. Was in Walmart the other day and just thought I'd check, knowing full well it wouldn't be there though. It wasn't of course. They still have the Oct. releases out. Hopefully by the end of next week!