I’m a loser!

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Even though snow covers the ground and beach weather seems eons away, ’tis the season for weight loss.

I got on the scale after Christmas and about cried. I think my scale was crying too… Not to mention I live in a family of skinny people–my mother is a size four, my sister a size zero (what’s the point in claiming that as a size?), and my sister-in-law is a three on a fat day! When we have family pictures taken, I look two people are sharing my clothes next to these underfed women.

When I’m not dieting, I’m fine. All is well in the world. Until I need to slip into a pair of jeans, that is. Suddenly, no slipping is involved. Instead, it’s more like tug, tug, squat, bend, squirm, and in the last final moment of desperation, lay down on the bed to zip up the torturous jeans. Breathing is out of the question too. Okay, maybe I exaggerated just a little. Or not. You’ll never know! 😉

The moment my brain hears that dreaded “d word,” my survival instincts kick and I panic. Food consumes my thoughts. I start out the day just fine with a healthy breakfast. Lunch is okay too. But when the children in my care lay down for naps, my grazing instincts kick in. The food in my kitchen taunts and tempts. I swear they plan this. A nibble here, a bite there. Just a smidge here, a piece there. The day goes downhill from there. Sigh, it all adds up. I have the thighs to prove it.

I’ve tried many diets. Weight Watchers. Counting calories. Watching fats. Low-carb dieting lasted about thirty seconds. I’m a carb junkie. All have resulted in the same thing–my brain thinks I’m starving to death. Ha! No chance of that.

At the beginning of February, I’ve decided to try something different. With the help of a wonderful friend, I’ve decided to add more exercise to my daily routine and less snacking. I decided to eat whatever I want. Yes, you heard me…whatever I want. However, (you knew there had to be a catch, right?) I need to watch portions. That’s right–eat what I want, but just watch how much. In addition, I’ve increased my water intake. I love water, so that’s not a problem. And I need to exercise more. Ugh.

I hate to exercise, but you know what? I love the results. Once I started exercising, I started feeling more energetic. The muscle burn was a good thing! It gave me hope. I put a DVD in my laptop and used my Gazelle glider while I watched chick flicks. While my daycare kids are in the playroom, I’ll put it peppy music and we’ll dance. I can do crunches while they’re playing, although this becomes more challenging when one of the young toddlers decides to sit on my tum.

Suddenly the food doesn’t seem to tempt me as much. I still have cravings, but I try to reign them in. So, what are the results of this so-called weight loss plan? FIVE pounds!! No, it’s not a lot of weight, but it’s only been a few weeks. Weight that is lost slowly stays off longer. Plus, when I’m on a dieting like counting calories and fat grams, I seem to put the weight back on when I start eating things I like.

God gave us taste buds to enjoy food, not to feel guilty by eating it. God made us wonderful. We are His creation and He doesn’t make junk. So why do we feel so down about our bodies? If I could only have a flatter stomach, thinner thighs, a smaller waist, tighter buns…. The “if onlys” could go on forever. I have a friend who has all of the above, but she hates her nose. Another friend hates her hair. When will we be satisfied with who we are?

Losing weight for health reasons is important! By keeping my weight in the safety zone for my height, I’m at less risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, certain types of cancers. Several of those issues run in my family. By being proactive with my health, I’m making choices that will affect my future and those of my loved ones but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to look decent come beach weather.

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  1. Robert Farley

    Kids make excellent add-ons for exercise routines. Up to a certain weight and age, that is. My son is four now and 40 pounds, so he definitely gives me a challenge by jumping on my back during regulation pushups. He provides a good additional weight on my TotalGym, a machine that he sees as nothing more than an okay ride when I'm exercising on it and a jungle gym when he thinks I'm not looking.

    Another good "game" that he likes is "chase." I have to chase him around the house or apartment and I must try to catch him. This provides 10-15 minutes of pretty good cardio, especially by adding in the sprints necessary to catch him.

    Being physically fit makes us feel better mentally. Being unfit, the opposite. It correlates to how we look, coincidentally, and so it's probably ingrained somehow that when we are flabby and jiggly in the wrong places, we feel bad. I don't think that's so much a factor of pride as good sense, up to a point, that is.

    Time for a chase break. Tally ho.