Guest Loree Huebner: Empty Nesters & Puppy Love

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I’m thrilled to have blogging friend Loree Huebner as my guest today. Loree made a comment on one of my blog posts about empty nesters & puppy love, so I asked her if she’d be willing to write a guest post about it. 

Loree has had a love affair with American history all of her life. She writes historical fiction and inspirational historical romance. She is an active member of the RWA, and ACFW. Loree is represented by Mary Sue Seymour of The Seymour Agency. Visit her blog – Between you, me and the gatepost… or connect with her on Twitter @LoreeHuebner

Welcome, Loree!

I consider Eric a gift from God. We’ve been married over twenty years now. After raising three amazing kids, Eric and I have found ourselves in a different phase of life. 

We’re Empty Nesters.

I really understood this concept after watching a pair of robins nest in some trumpet vines near our window last spring. They built a sturdy nest. One day there were two, perfect blue eggs—a day later two more. One day, a baby birdie appeared, then another, and then two more. I watched the parents take turns feeding the four babies. It was an around the clock, non-stop project. Yeah, remember those days? Soon there were only two left in the nest. One parent was chasing and feeding the others on the ground—soccer practice and ballet lessons—while the other tended the two babes still at home in the nest. Finally, the day came when I looked and the nest was empty. I thought about that pair of robins. They raised a brood and did a fine job…besides a few gray feathers, now what?

So what does happen when the nest becomes empty?

When you find yourself in an empty nest, you don’t want to be looking at your spouse and thinking, “Um…Who are you?” For this very reason, it’s so important to have common interests (other than the kids) and continual romance throughout your marriage. 

Work at it before the nest becomes empty. Become a tag team. Love and trust as you live each day. Lift one another up. Laugh together. Pray for one another. Begin where the other ends. Romance each other. Honestly, Eric and I depend on each other now, more than ever—pilot and co-pilot. 

Empty nesting is a whole new season in our life. Yes, we miss the kids, but they are trying their own wings, and we are so proud. It’s hard to let go sometimes. We take road trips and visit them often. The payoff is that it’s so wonderful to see the cycle of life renew itself. We’ve been blessed.

This is a time for us.

Something new and exciting has recently popped up in the empty nest…Puppy Love. 

Who would have thought that I could feel that way ever again? 

When I’m at work, I’ll think about Eric, and my heart actually flutters. I feel giddy! I can’t wait to see him—like we’re dating or something. It sounds silly, but it’s true. It’s a touch of the hand, a simple caress of the hair, a whisper of love in the ear…still now, after twenty some years…and no kids in the house. Woot! Yeah, I’m blushing.

Your Turn: Parents with young kids: Do you try to find time for you and your mate? Date nights? Do you share common interests for yourselves, other than the kids and their interests?
Empty nesters: How is the empty nest going for you? Do you find it liberating, or lonely? Both?

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  1. Keli Gwyn

    Like you, Loree, my hubby and I are empty nesters. While the first year our daughter was away at college was rough on all three of us, we've adjusted. These days I'm loving the freedom she's experiencing as well as the freedom I'm experiencing. After having devoted nineteen years to raising our daughter, I like the fact that Gwynly and I can focus on our relationship once again. I like your Puppy Love analogy. In my case, it fits. =)

  2. Wendy Paine Miller

    Loree–such a supportive soul!

    Our church does a really cool thing. Once a month a bunch of volunteers watch kids (and feed them) so parents can go out on a date night. I swear my church is building into marriages by doing this. We love it! And we can't wait to travel more someday.

    ~ Wendy

  3. Terri Tiffany

    OH Loree, I can so relate! As we were raising our daughter, we made sure we made time for us, taking even some vacations alone so we could stay connected as husband and wife.
    Today we miss our daughter horribly but we love to be together and look forward to our time on the weekends.

  4. Jessica R. Patch

    Loree, I love that you're having puppy love! 🙂 That's awesome!

    Me and my hubby try to date night at least once a month and we get together for lunch once a month. I think it's vital to have special times together with no kiddos. But, we always bring them a doggie-bag! LOL

  5. Loree Huebner

    Lisa, thank you for having me! You are so sweet, and the perfect hostess! I've been enjoying reading the comments!

  6. Lindsay Harrel

    So, God is totally speaking to me today about having kids. We don't have any yet. We've struggled with "when is the right time" and about what it will mean to sacrifice and all that. I'm afraid it will make us grow apart; I've seen it do that to others. But I love how you described how you worked together as pilot and co-pilot. I pray it will be that way with us and our family when we do have children. Thanks for a great post!

  7. Sherrinda

    I love this post! I have one child left and even now my husband and I have more time together. I love it! And yes, the romance does rekindle when you have more time to focus on one another.

  8. Melissa Tagg

    Hehehe, I currently have an empty nest, but that's because I haven't had any kids yet. 🙂 But I loved your post and the way you're finding the fun in being an empty nester. 🙂

  9. Beth K. Vogt

    Love this post, Loree — so fun seeing you at LJ's blog.
    My husband and I won't be empty nesting anytime soon. About the time we started emptying the nest, we experienced a surprise pregnancy!
    But, we do concentrate on our relationship, empty nest or not. And one key thing is date nights. It could be as simple as a walk in Garden of the Gods or dinner at our favorite restaurant.
    Another thing we do that is romantic: dancing in the kitchen. (And our caboose kiddo & older kiddos love this.)

  10. Gwendolyn Gage

    Hey Loree! This brought a smile to my face. You and Eric are certainly blessed! I have a two-year-old, so yes, date night with hubby is important. 🙂

  11. Julie Musil

    Loree, what a sweet post. You and your husband sound so amazing together.

    My hubby and I try to take one day a week, while the kids are at school, and do something together. We'll go see a movie, go on a bike ride, or go hiking. It's nice to connect as a couple whenever we can.

    Empty nest used to seem so far away, but now that my son's a freshman in high school, I feel the time with our kids slipping away too quickly. *sigh*

  12. Lynda R Young

    My hubby and I always have time for each other and we do heaps together. We are each other's best friend.