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Okay, so this daily blogging thing has me falling behind already. Suddenly my inner critic rears its ugly head and I’m paralyzed by what to say. Will I sound stupid? Will people read my comments, roll their eyes, and stop coming to my blog? Sometimes you just gotta take a chance.

I just made a mess! I put the kettle onto boil for tea and it boiled over, spilling out the spout, all over my counter and stovetop. I snatched up a towel and proceeded to mop up the steaming water and sent a thank you prayer heavenward. My writing workbook and notebook were lying on the counter but on top of a folded tablecloth. The tablecloth absorbed the water and spared my pages of prose. 😀

Once I cleaned up the water, I opened a new tea bag of vanilla chai tea and there was one distinct scent that I couldn’t figure out what it was. Suddenly it dawned on me. My tea smells like sweet pickle juice!! What an odd combination. It didn’t taste like pickles, but the flavor wasn’t too pleasing either, so I dumped it and made a fresh cup of cinnamon green chai. Much better.

The mess on my stove reminds me of how often we reach our boiling points and spill over onto anything in our path. For me, it’s usually my family who gets the brunt of my steam. The flavor that ensues when that happens is usually bitter and not pleasing to the senses.

I’m not perfect nor do I pretend to be, but I thank God daily for being the Perfect One. It’s through His grace and mercy, I can mop up those boilovers and start again refilling my cup.

My advice? Don’t reach the boiling point to where you spill over with heated words and emotions. Easy to say? You betcha. Easy to do. No, not so much. Just remember–you need to be accountable for your actions. If your words hurt, make amends and try to do better the next time. Take your cup to the Well that never runs dry and ask Him to replenish you with His grace.

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1 Comment

  1. Sara

    Such great advice, Lisa. It is one thing to act on your flaws and it's another to acknowledge that they are there any try to do something to better them, and yourself. I can be quick to temper or irritation (I blame the red in my hair) The hard part is taking a deep breath and allowing that frustration to go towards something productive.

    You have some great thoughts. I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing!