Christmas in July!

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Today feels like Christmas in July!

I woke up with a new way to rewrite the current scene I’m writing. The mailman brought many treasures, including the new iPod I ordered! Finally, the most exciting gift was my hubby’s agreement that I could go to the ACFW writer’s conference in September! This year the conference is being held in Minneapolis, MN, and the annual book signing will be held at the amazing Mall of America. I’m so giddy. I feel like a child on Christmas morning.

I didn’t plan to attend the conference this year because I’ll have two classes during my fall semester and figured it would be better to focus on my education and writing after graduation in May 2009, but God must have different plans because I continued to think about the conference and the incredible time I knew I’d be missing. After all, no one gets other writers like other writers. We understand talking to voices in our heads is normal. 🙂

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