25 Random Things About Me

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I’ve been tagged by a few people on Facebook to do 25 Random Things About Me. Since my original blog post will be pushed to later in the week, I decided to post my 25 Random Things in today’s post. Here they are in random order:

  1. I love Jesus.
  2. I’m a computer junkie.
  3. I love my MacBook.
  4. I’m a writer.
  5. I’m a bi-monthly contributor to a regional family magazine.
  6. I love to sing, but don’t expect to see me on American Idol any time soon.
  7. I’m never without a book, even if it’s an ebook on my iPod.
  8. I love to fly.
  9. In my free time (ha!), I love to scrapbook and stamp.
  10. I will graduate in May with my degree in early childhood education.
  11. Hubby and I eloped 20 years ago in October.
  12. I have green eyes.
  13. My favorite color is blue, even though it’s considered a boy’s color.
  14. My soul pines for summer skies, warm sand, and tropical weather.
  15. I know all the verses to the song “The Wheels on the Bus” and even make up a few of my own.
  16. Faith, family, and friendships are the backbones to my being.
  17. I love chick flicks and happily ever after stories.
  18. I love chai tea.
  19. My china pattern is Old Country Roses.
  20. I get teary-eyed thinking about my son’s high school graduation in June.
  21. I prefer water and fat-free milk over pop. Yes, that’s what I call soda.
  22. One of my biggest pet peeves is the incorrect usage of your and you’re.
  23. I hate the taste of coffee, but love the smell.
  24. I love puns, especially the groaners.
  25. My 40th birthday present will be to learn to play the piano
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