10 Things I Love About You

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Wednesday night, Hubby asked for my help with a homework assignment–he needed to come up with ten words to describe himself, and then had to ask someone else to come up with ten words. He needed to compare and contrast the two lists. Easy assignment, right?

Well, the hard part was limiting myself to ten words. Pen poised over paper, I thought for a minute, wrote two words, scratched out one, and rewrote another. I pictured him in my mind and considered physical characteristics and added another word. About ten minutes later, I asked what words were on his list.

“I haven’t written them down yet.”

“Well, you can’t have my list yet. I don’t want you copying me.”

We laughed.

“What words would you use to describe yourself?”

He thought for a moment, and then said, “Loyal, honest, trustworthy, faithful…”

Man, those were great traits…and none of them were on my list. Could I have a do-over, please?

I showed him my list.

10 Words Used to Describe Patrick
1. Compassionate
2. Self-motivated
3. Handsome
4. Friendly
5. Funny
6. Analytical
7. Romantic
8. Affectionate
9. Strong
10. Voice of reason

With Father’s day coming up on Sunday, I should’ve added Great Father, but didn’t think of them at the time. Like I said, it was hard to limit myself to ten words.

One thing I noticed is if I had to make lists for our two sons, I’d list many of the same words. Our oldest son looks like his dad, and our youngest son has his disposition.

This is not an anniversary post or a birthday post, but one just to say, “I love you, honey, and ten words is not enough to describe you. I’m so thankful you’re an important part of my life.”

Share your thoughts: What 10 words would you use to describe an important man in your life?

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  1. Jessica Nelson

    That's so sweet! For my man, here are some. Loyal, Affectionate, Driven, Protective, Funny, Compassionate, Sexy…Yeah, it'd be hard to stop at ten words. 🙂

  2. Kelly Freestone

    Good post!
    Coming up on Father's day, I'm enjoying focusing on him!
    Here's what Norm is:
    Compassionate, Helpful, Kind, Understanding (yeah, I know…that's a big one for the male, but he is, surprisingly so), Generous, Giving, Good Father 😉 Good Youth Pastor, Funny…okay, I'll stop boring you…lol.
    Have a good Friday!