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When God Says No

How many times have you told your children “no?” Why? Most likely because you know what’s best for them. Your decisions need to have positive impacts for their developments, health, and safety.

God is the same way. He is a loving parent who always answers our prayers–maybe, yes, or no. Man, those no prayers really hurt, especially when it’s something we want so badly.

At the beginning of December, the Ponderers made a heartfelt Christmas wish list that ranged from salvation for unsaved loved ones, health issues for loved ones, stronger walks with God, focus for God-directed tasks. Each of these requests has been placed at the feet of Jesus, awaiting those “yes” prayers.

I woke up Christmas morning with my heartfelt wish clamoring in my head. Will my prayer be granted today? The day passed with unwrapping of gifts and laughing with family. As I went to bed, my heart ached, knowing I didn’t get my heart’s desire. I whispered, “Why not, Lord?”

In the past month, God has opened many doors. Incredible things are taking place. Prayers have been answered. Despite those celebrations, God has closed several doors too. When I should’ve been soaring from the mountaintop of joy, I spent a week wandering the valley of discouragement.

Today I’m blogging at MBT Ponderers, so head over to read the rest of this post.

Lisa Jordan

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