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Pursuit of the Perfect Purse

For years I’ve been in search of the perfect purse–you know the one with the handy compartments, trendy look, suitable size without resembling a diaper bag or carry-on luggage.

Last year I found an adorable Liz Claiborne barrel bag. Not too big, not too small, just right. In fact, I loved it so much, I bought in three colors–tan, black, and cream. I considered buying it in pink, but at the time, couldn’t justify it.

Well, that was last year.

I still love the purses, but I’ve used the tan one the most. I think the cream bag still has the price tag on it.

Last night I was perusing the racks of purses at the department store in our mall when I noticed a cute little seaform-green bag hanging on the clearance sale rack. Even at clearance sale prices, some of the purses in this store are still out of my budget. I eyed this purse, walked past to the baby aisle since I was there to buy a gift, turned around to head back to the purse rack. It was calling my name, I tell you!

The purse is made by Stone Mountain out of great-smelling supple leather. I eyed the price tag, did a quick mental calculation, remembered I still had money left on a gift card from Christmas time, and did a little dance in the aisle…okay, maybe not the dance, but I did in my head. Besides, my birthday is at the end of the month and I decided to give Hubby a hand with his shopping.

Clutching the purse to my bosom, I made my way to the baby aisle, picked out the outfit I had been eying for a friend’s newborn, and headed for the register.

Once I got home, I was excited about my purchase and mentioned it to a friend.

She’s female so I totally expected her to get it. Instead, she asks, “Did you need a new purse?”

Ummm, hello? Are you kidding me? Of course I didn’t *need* it!

Some women have a shoe fetish. Not me. Partially due to not being able to wear trendy shoes due to a newly-developed foot problem, but that’s beside the point. But I love, love, love purses. I don’t have a closet full. Maybe less than ten. My mother and I have made it our life’s goal to continue the pursuit for the perfect purse. Hubby doesn’t understand why I need so many and I don’t understand why he needs so many fishing rods. All of my purses combined still cost less than one of his rods.

I thanked Hubby for the wonderful birthday present. He asked if he got the right one and I told him he picked out what I wanted. 🙂 What a good man!

So as March roars in like a lion, I’ll be stylin’ with my new handbag…until a new purse calls my name.

Lisa Jordan


  • Bhaswati says:

    You share my fetish! I have a weakness for bags and purses, and I have a hard time stopping myself from buying one I love. Now that I don't go out to work, I really don't need that many. But how can a purse-lover ever listen to logic like that?

    Happy belated Birthday, and congrats on the purchase! 🙂

  • Aria says:

    realized I'd never left a comment on it – I'm totally a purse person too… of course I do get it legitimately from my great grandmother on my grandfather's side – to my mother – to me…

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