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A Wild & Crazy Release Month: Lakeside Reunion Blog Hop Conclusion

After receiving “the call” in January, I envisioned my book launch party, book signings, blog tours. I was going to do whatever I could to help spread the word about my book. I searched online about how to have a successful book launch party. Since I’ve participated in blog tours to promote other authors’ books, I figured it couldn’t be all that difficult–write a few guest posts, answer some interview questions, interact with commenters and readers.

Yeah, well, reality is a bit different than the imaginary world in my head. Don’t get me wrong–for the most part, my Lakeside Reunion Blog Hop went okay.

Then life got complicated–hubby lost his job, a client’s family member passed away and that ripped an emotional hole in my heart, Thanksgiving holiday, and NaNoWriMo. And I work full-time 50 hours each week. My demanding day job offers many rewards, but limits my time.

I’m so appreciative of the authors and friends who hosted me. I’m so thankful for the readers who read the blogs, posted comments and participated in the Lakeside Reunion Scavenger Hunt. Thank you so much!

I dropped the ball a few times and then there were a few unexpected glitches, but for my first event, I think it went okay. I’ve made notes on how to improve for next year when Lakeside Family releases in August. I appreciate your grace as I worked through my goofs.

Speaking of goofs, yesterday I was scheduled to be a guest on Julie Jarnigin’s blog, but due to the holidays and being away from the computer more than I anticipated, I didn’t plan ahead very well and forgot to send her a guest post. So the token that should have been for her blog is a breakfast basket.

The final token for the Lakeside Reunion Blog Hope is an engagement ring.

Thank you for sharing this wild and crazy release month with me. And please forgive me for the bumps and stumbles as I make my way down the writing road as a published author. I’m human and covered by grace. I appreciate you more than I could put into words!

If you participated in the Lakeside Reunion Blog Hop, please email your completed sheets to by 11:59 PM EST. 

Lisa Jordan


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