Strange Men & Sweet Nothings

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Have you ever been embarrassed by something and it wasn’t even your fault?

No? Well, I guess you must be the only person on the planet. 🙂

I started my morning on an ~ahem~ interesting note….

Hubby has been out of town all week on business, but he and his travel mate drive home tomorrow. He’s been calling each evening to talk to the boys and I’ve been calling him each morning to start our days with a smile…at least mine.

This morning I was running a little behind. I couldn’t drag myself out of bed until the last possible moment. I called the hotel and asked for his room. They connected me and it rang five times before he answered. He still sounded half-asleep so I was worried he had overslept.

Here’s how our conversation went:

Lisa: “I’m glad I didn’t miss you.”
Hubby: “Excuse me?
Lisa: “I’m glad I didn’t miss you. Well, I miss you, but I was afraid you had left already.”
Hubby: “Are you there?”
Hubby: “Yes.”
I was thinking this was an odd conversation and he didn’t sound quite like himself.
Lisa: “Is this room 214?”
NOT Hubby: “No, I’m sorry. It’s not.”


I apologized and hung up. I called the hotel again and asked for Room 2-1-4. The desk clerk asked if she disconnected me and I told her no, she connected me to the wrong room. She sucked in a sharp breath and apologized several times. I laughed it off. I got connected with my husband who was about to walk out the door and told him I was telling another man how much I had missed him. Good thing I hadn’t opened the conversation with sweet nothings meant only for my husband’s ears.

This moment will definitely be used in a novel sometime. 🙂

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