Mid-Life Makeover

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I never considered myself as middle-aged. That phrase is for aging guys with hair plugs, red sports cars, and twenty-something girlfriends. But with the average life expectancy around 75-80, then (gulp) that would make me middle-aged.

I visited my sister last weekend, who was caring for my new great-nephew. My sister took pictures of me holding baby Jacob. She made a comment that stayed with me–”I really like your new style.”

I turned 40 in March and decided to do a mini makeover. At the beginning of the year, I adopted the mantra “Live Purposefully” as my guide for the year after watching a Joyce Meyer program on TV.

I’m also a huge fan of What Not to Wear on TLC, hosted by Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. They take ordinary women and teach them how to embrace their own style with clothes that fit and look great on them. The key is the participants need to give away their old wardrobes to charity and spend $5000 of WNTW money on a new wardrobe. Some of these women really have a hard time letting go, but in the end they are happy with the changes.

I wanted a new look. I love long hair, but on me, my baby fine long hair was limp and drab, so I had it cut in a fun, flippy style. Hubby and I had been going through photos and he commented that I needed new clothes because I was wearing the same thing in many of the pictures. For Mother’s Day, I was given a shopping spree.

I took the advice from Stacy and Clinton on WNTW and bought pieces that looked good on me and could be mixed and matched to make new outfits. I did it without spending several thousands of dollars, too.

So with a new hairstyle and new clothes, I’ve also adopted a new attitude. I stopped putting myself down. I will never have my nineteen-year-old body again, but I’m working to adopt healthier eating habits and incorporate more exercise in my daily routine. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone to do more things I might’ve not done before. I’m working harder to make my dream of being a published author come to fruition.

Life happens. Embrace it and live purposefully.

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