Kitchen Hide & Seek

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When we first viewed our house before buying, I fell in love with its character and uniqueness. However, I hated the kitchen. Ten years later, I still hate the kitchen. It’s small with limited counter and cupboard space. Finances haven’t allowed for a gut and remodel yet, but it’s in the works for a couple of years down the road.

About six months ago, I rearranged the contents of the cupboards to maximize what space I do have. To this day, we still open one of the cupboards to get something or to put something away only to find we have the wrong one. When the boys empty the dishwasher, I have to play a game of seek to find misplaced items.

Yesterday, we hosted a belated Thanksgiving dinner for my extended family. My sister assisted with clean up in the kitchen. She opened one door and said, “Even if you live here for twenty years, I won’t remember where you put things.” Now, realize my sister is no stranger to my house or my kitchen.

This morning I opened the cupboard to put away the toaster, only to be greeted by plastic storage containers. Oh, yeah, the toaster now belongs in the cupboard under the coffeemaker. Sigh.

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