A blanket of white

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I awoke this morning to find snow blanketing my leaf-covered lawn. I’m still enjoying the vibrant colors of autumn, yet winter tipped its hat on this late October morn. As I look out my window now, the snow has melted leaving behind multi-colored lawns and wet roads. My boys were thrilled to hear there was a two-hour delay for school. Apparently one area of our county had downed trees and more snow than what we received, which would’ve hampered the buses.

First snows are magical. The joy on young children’s faces. The nip in the air. Warm sweaters. Hot chocolate.

With Halloween only two days away and more snow in the forecast, it won’t be the first time children have trick or treated wearing snow books and mittens with their Cinderella or Batman costumes.

Winter is my least favorite season because I hate the cold. However, I enjoy the beauty of the snow as it flutters to land softly on the tips of trees and the ground. As the season lingers, my enthusiasm wanes. The beautiful white snow is sullied by snow plows, road salt, and muck. White becomes a dingy gray until a new batch of snow falls. Although winter is around the corner, I take heart in knowing the season is as necessary as the spring rain or autumn harvest.

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