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Update on Lakeside Reunion Blog Hop Scavenger Hunt

I apologize for some problems with my Lakeside Reunion Blog Hop Scavenger Hunt. The past few weeks have been wonderfully crazy as I finished revisions for my second book, Lakeside Family, and prepared for my Lakeside Reunion Book Launch Party, which was held last Saturday–come back on Monday for a full report and pics! Great fun! Anyway, I didn’t have enough hours in the day to stay on top of my blog hop. I apologize for some problems several of you have had.

I forgot to send in one post–so sorry, Ronie–so I took that blog spot off the scavenger hunt form. I needed to reschedule a few spots or delete a blog or two due to circumstances beyond my control. Anyway, here is the most recent blog hop listing. I made changes to the Google docs form. You can find that here: Lakeside Reunion Scavenger Hunt Form. For complete rules, visit the Lakeside Reunion Contest page for more information.

I appreciate a dose of grace and your patience. I’m making notes to make my next contest even better!

Date Blog Token
Lisa Jordan
Amy Sorrells
Keli Gwyn
10/20/2011 Beth Vogt
10/21/2011 Inkwell Inspirations
10/24/2011 Melissa Tagg
10/25/2011 Jaime Wright
10/25/2011 Laura Hilton
10/26/2011 Pink Heart Society
10/27/2011 Heidi Main
10/28/2011 The F.A.I.T.H. Girls
10/28/2011 MBT Ponderers
10/31/2011 Katie Ganshert
11/1/2011 WordServe Water Cooler
11/1/2011 The Borrowed Book
11/3/2011 Margaret Daley
11/4/2011 Preslaysa Williams

(I forgot to give Preslaysa a token so I’m adding it here. You get a freebie! 🙂 )
11/4/2011 Seekerville
11/8/2011 Camy’s Loft
11/9/2011 Novel Rocket
11/10/2011 Patricia Woodside
11/11/2011 Harlequin Community
11/14/2011 Rachel Hauck
11/15/2011 Girls Write Out
11/16/2011 Jessica Nelson
11/16/11 Wendy Payne Miller
11/17/2011 Trish Perry
11/18/2011 Rose McCauley
11/21/2011 Cecelia Dowdy
11/21/2011 Sarah Forgrave
11/22/2011 Ane Mulligan
11/23/2011 Sandra Orchard
11/29/2011 Julie Jarnigan
Blog Hop Wrap-Up
Lisa Jordan
Lisa Jordan

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