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Painting Through Second Book Syndrome
My house, built in 1926, is a constant work-in-progress. When we moved in 15 years ago, the house was outdated with orange ceilings–no joke–and 70s decor, but had character and showed promise. Slowly, we’ve been working at making changes. Unfortunately the money tree in the backyard withered and died, so our changes are done on a budget.
My kitchen…sigh…is in need of a wrecking ball. In the meantime, paint has been my best friend. So since Memorial weekend I’ve been listening to The Help on audiobook and painting my kitchen. And I have to say, I’m loving it—both The Help and my newly painted blue and white kitchen. Definitely won’t be booked on the Better Homes & Gardens tour, but it’s definitely in keeping with my style—a cross between shabby chic and homey.  
So what does repainting my kitchen have to do with writing? Well, in a clichéd way, you could compare it to writing the rough draft that lays the foundation for the final polish.
I’m blogging today at MBT Ponderers, so head there to read what painting helped me escape my fear of writing my second book. 
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