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How do you like to read?

Taking an unscientific poll…

How do you like to read:
*Traditional book?
*Listen to audiobook?

My favorite way is reading a traditionally-bound book, but I love my Kindle for traveling. I love listening to audiobooks while doing tedious tasks like painting, housecleaning, or exercising.

I’m looking for a new audiobook to listen to since I completed The Help. What do you recommend?

Lisa Jordan


  • I also love a traditional book in my hands, but I have to admit, I'm falling in love with my eReader. I have never listened to an audio book. Does that make me a bad person? 🙂

  • Traditional books always:)

  • Suzeq18 says:

    Traditional will always be my favorite for the sensory experience of reading; but I'm hooked on my Kindle.

    Two good audiobooks; Racing in the Rain or Like Water for Elephants…I loved both of them.

  • Melissa Tagg says:

    Traditional, but all my old reservations about reading from an e-reader faded the day I got my Kindle. It rocks. It also saves me a ton of money. I still buy the actual book from authors I love – it's a sentimental thing, I guess – but everything else I read on my Kindle.

    I love audiobooks for long car rides. Unfortunately, I'm blanking out on great titles at the moment. I'll come back if inspiration hits…

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