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He Knows My Name

This past weekend, my oldest son came home from college with his girlfriend and another friend. They made dinner for me on Saturday for my birthday, which was this past Thursday.

I met my son’s girlfriend the last time she visited for a weekend. She’s very sweet. Sunday morning I made French toast for breakfast before church. Our younger son used the syrup to add art to his French toast. I told him, “Stop playing with the syrup and pass it to Sarah.”

My older son said, “Mom, I’ll forgive you this once. Her name is Kait.”

I knew that.

I did.

I made a conscious effort to say Kait each time I spoke to her. And still I goofed. Once.

Good thing God never goofs. He knows my name. He knows my heart. He knows my dreams. He knows my faults…and loves me anyway.

Lisa Jordan


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