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Going Unplugged

I’m unplugging from social media for two weeks so I can finish my current WIP. It’s been in limbo for too long. Yesterday, God used my pastor to give me me a wake up call. I’ve been struggling with finishing my second book. I can see the scenes. I know the ending. I’ve been struggling with the wordsmithing.

So during yesterday’s sermon, my pastor said, “God never gives the command unless He gives the life and power to do it. He does not set us up for failure. It may not be easy, but God makes a way.”

Light bulb moment–God didn’t give me one book contract to fail with the second one. Any failures are my own. I need to stop my internal whining, buck up, and get the work done.

So that’s what I’m doing. I’ll see you on Monday, August 1. Have a great rest of July!

Lisa Jordan

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