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God cravings

Attitude of Gratitude: Thank you, Lord, for an in-home job where I don’t have to travel the snowy roads to get to work.

New Year’s Day found us celebrating with family–lots of laughs, games, and good food. The subject of addictions came up.

When I think of addiction, I think of the visible ones such as smoking, drinking, and drugs. But there are many other types of addictions that may not be outwardly visible.

An addiction is anything that you have a dependence on and going without this substance or item causes severe withdrawals.

I may joke and tell friends I’m addicted to scrapbooking, my computer, or NCIS. I could go without scrapbooking and NCIS, but I would miss them. My computer is kind of needed for my writing, but I’d live without it. Maybe these pleasures are more like cravings.

A craving is a longing, or a desire for something. We can crave sweets, affection, or something like thrill-seeking sports. Cravings aren’t necessarily addictions, but in excess, they can have negative effects on your body or emotions. But not always.

Imagine if society craved God’s sweetness and desired to please Him. The rush of His grace flowing through our veins. Getting high on His unconditional love. Craving to be like Him.

Do you have an addiction? Do you have a God craving?

Lisa Jordan


  • Jody Hedlund says:

    Lisa! Love your new blog set up too! It is new, isn't it? Would you please email me to tell me how you got the buttons at the top of your blog that way? Are you a designer expert with html, or is blogger getting more savvy with their templates and buttons? Let me know!

    And yes, I totally agree. We can easily let the things of this world take over the filling that God designed for himself. It's a constant battle.

  • I would LOVE to be addicted to God. What an excellent, beautiful thought. Great post, Lisa!

  • Lisa Jordan says:

    Thanks for your comments, Jody & Katie. 🙂

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