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Random Facts About Lisa

~ I love the beach.

~ My favorite color is blue.

~ I graduated summa cum laude from college at the age of 40.

~ I love Italian food, fruit smoothies, peanut butter and dark chocolate. I drink water, skim milk and tea—hot or cold. I love the smell of coffee, but hate the taste.

~ I live with a bunch of artists—Hubby is a professional fly tyer (definite works of art), our oldest son is a chef and a beautiful poet, and our youngest son takes beautiful photos.

~ I have a phobia of snakes.

~ I’ve chatted online daily with the same group of friends for 12 years.

~ I love to knit and make cards.


Press Packet

I am …

a princess.

Lisa JordanI grew up attending church mainly with my grandparents until my grandma passed away when I was 16. I was so angry with God that I stopped attending and turned my back on Him for 10 years. Thankfully, He remained patient with me. During the darkest time of my life, He shined His light into my heart and cradled me in His gentle embrace of grace. I gave Him my heart. I’ve had times of shaky faith since then, but God remains constant, staying faithful to His promises. And I’m so thankful. I realized how important those planted seeds in my youth would some day grow and bloom. Because of my grandma’s guiding hand, I teach Sunday school like she did.


Lisa Jordana wife.

One May evening, in 1988, a handsome Marine walked into the family restaurant where I worked for the summer and stole my heart. After being pen pals (days before email and texting) for two months, he came home on leave and took me on our first date. Our long distance courtship grew through our letters and phone calls. Eighteen months later, we eloped and have been happily married for 25 years. My husband is my strongest supporter, my voice of reason, and the best Errand Boy on the planet.

a mother.

Lisa JordanI grew up with a large extended family, so having children was part of my life plan. God blessed us with two boys. Raising them consisted of pulling wriggly worms out of jeans pockets before putting them in the washer, getting stitches in chins after falling off bunk beds, receiving gifts of gumball machine rings, pictures drawn on notebook paper, and construction paper cards with more glue than paper. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Motherhood taught me patience…okay, still working on that. Just because they’re now taller than me, they’ll always be my babies. Hubby and I are now moving into a new phase in our lives—empty nesters. Tips on what to do with our extra time…and tissues are always appreciated.

Author Lisa Jordan

an author.

Heart, home and faith have always been important to me, so writing stories that promise hope and happily ever after come naturally. I’ve been writing contemporary Christian romance for Love Inspired since 2011. I serve as the My Book Therapy Voices Coordinator. I am represented by Rachelle Gardner of Books & Such. Please visit my Books page for a listing of my latest releases.