Holding Hands With God

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As a mom, my greatest fear is losing one of my boys. Sometimes my fears will smother my faith and twisted thinking will fill my head. I’ll pray for God’s protection over my boys, then stop. I don’t want to pray a certain way because what if God allows something to happen as a way of testing my faith?

Twisted thinking that allows Satan to get a foothold in my spiritual walk. 

After Hubby left for work this morning, I grabbed my tablet and crawled back in my warm bed to do my devotions.

I read about a single mother whose family lived in a poverty-riddled neighborhood. She put her children in God’s hands. Even while attending her one son’s funeral, she said he was still in God’s hands.

Holding hands with God can be tough, and it’s a growing process for everyone, including Christians. Fear is a great motivator for wanting to control our situations. Admit it–at times we think we know more than God. 

I’m not always quick to grab God’s hand when going through tough times. I admit to having days of shaky faith. No matter how shaky or faithless I am, God remains patient and faithful with me. I pray during times of tragedy I will be able to lean into him. After all, holding hands with God means letting go of our fears. 

Your turn: How do you face your fears? How has holding hands with God been a growing process for you?

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  1. Lindsay Harrel

    Love your honesty here, Lisa! After losing my mom, my biggest fear is now losing someone else I love. Sometimes when I’m really overcome by what COULD happen, I start to become very depressed. I know that God won’t rescue me from all the potential evil of this world. BUT He did promise to be with me. So I try to focus on that instead. If I don’t, I really could go crazy with worry.

  2. Jeanette Edgar

    How do I face my fears…by remembering all the times God has acted on my behalf in the past, even during the hardest times. Especially during the hardest times.

  3. Pat Trainum aka P. T. Bradley

    Yes, I think we have to remember all the times God has been there for us. It’s the only way I hold onto hope–knowing what He’s done in the past in difficult situations.

  4. Roxanne Sherwood Gray

    I used to have a lot of fear, and then one day tragedy struck, and I learned to keep living one breath at a time. God showed me how to rely on Him and to trust Him with my family. It’s really helped me to let go of my children and give them back to Him. To trust Him with them. One reason behind our fear is that we think we’re in control, so we’d better be really careful or we might mess up. Then, something really bad could happen to our loved ones, and it would be our fault. But if God’s in control, then I’m not. I’m to do the best I can as a parent, but I’m off the hook for the results. I don’t waste time living in fear.

  5. Julie Jarnagin

    I wrestle with the same fear, Lisa. Every day I have to choose to trust God with these things.