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Pedaling With Purpose: Fulfilling My Dreams

All Packed upIn a week or so, I’ll leave behind friends and all that is familiar and take to the open road on a mission. I’ll be leaving on a solo self-contained bicycle tour from Appalacia to the west coast in Oregon or Washington. 

I recently published my new e-book, Facing Fear and Finding Freedom. While writing that book, I was reminded about fear and how it can prevent a person from not only living their dreams, but even simple daily tasks.

I’ve always wanted to ride my bicycle cross country so I decided to combine the two. I decided to pedal with purpose. I’ll be departing this week or next (depending on some final logistics), and will set out on a journey of thousands of miles. Alone.

Why I’m Doing This

I could say I don’t need a reason other than wanting to pedal across America but that would not be entirely true. In 1984 I was abducted from a parking lot in broad daylight from a drug crazed criminal. He’d just gotten out of jail the day before.

Though I survived the attack and broken bones healed, I suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Fortunately, I had a great medical/mental health team that helped me overcome.

Unfortunately, there are so many women who suffer in silence. PTSD holds them prisoners in their own homes. If they do venture out, serious anxiety and panic occur. I want them to know they can overcome PTSD. They can live a life free from the torture that comes from endless fear.

So, I will take to the open roads, completely on my own. I will be at the mercy and good graces of complete strangers I meet along the way. I will blog about my experiences and will write a book as I travel.

My hope is that women who survived violent assault but still suffer from PTSD will muster the courage to seek help and will take back the part of their lives that was lost when they were  violently assaulted.

Facing-Fear-Cover-FINAL-6-9-13How You Can Go With Me

Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to load up a bicycle and pedal by my side. But, there are things you can do to take the trip with me:

  • Pray, not only for me, but for all those women who suffer from PTSD.
  • Have me as a guest on your blog. I would be honored and it would really help get the word out.

I know the trip won’t be easy but even pedaling over mountains with forty pounds of gear is easier than summiting the mountain of fear from PTSD. I have the easy job. 

Thank you for your support as I pedal with purpose!


Reba J. Hoffman is a natural encourager, who has dedicated her life to others and finds no greater fulfillment than to watch those she coaches to succeed. She lives a simple life by design and shows others how to as well. She found her true north and does everything within her power to not only stay there, but to help others discover the way to their own true north. Learn more about her at 


Your Turn: How are you fulfilling your dreams? 

Lisa Jordan
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Guest Blogger Reba J. Hoffman: Loving Life in a Single’s Heart

Sometimes you meet a certain person who ends up changing your life for the better. Reba J. Hoffman is such a person. I met Reba through My Book Therapy–during the chats, at first, then in person at the premiere My Book Therapy Storycrafters Retreat. It was like we had known each other our whole lives. 

Reba is a natural encourager with a passion to help individuals live the life they desire. She has dedicated her life to others and finds no greater fulfillment than to watch those she coaches succeed. She lives a simple life by design and to show others how to as well. She takes the complicated and makes it simple, not the other way around. She found her true north and does everything within her power to not only stay there, but to show others the way to their own true north. To learn more about Reba, or how to find your own true north, visit her at Magellan Life Coaching


I’ve been single all my life. Oh, I’ve had relationships with some wonderful men. Some ended with a friendly parting of ways. Others in tragedy, yet all were experiences of the heart I would not trade for anything.

Singles are often misunderstood, misinterpreted and misinformed by those who have never walked in our shoes. I’m commonly asked questions like, “What’s wrong with you? Don’t you like men?” Or, “So why did you choose to never get married?” Oh, and I love this one, “How long have you been a nun?”

The world draws the most interesting conclusions about singles, especially single women. But I have to tell you, I find single women to have a unique balance of self-reliance and fairytale wonder. Our hearts are turned to the hope of what knight in shining armor might be waiting around the next bend, while our practicality made sure we have enough gas and food for the journey.

Most single women I know feel complete in themselves. They don’t feel like only half a person because they haven’t snagged their man. Yet, they also feel strangely left out of parts of life that include family, children and married couples.

Once I was asked to read a romance novel. I have to admit, that’s not necessarily the type of book I would pick up on my own but I read it. When I gave my critique I was asked if I was married. That shocked me but I answered truthfully. The lady patted me on the arm and asked, “Well then, how would you know, dear?”

Singles have a deep and abiding love. It’s how we’re wired. Perhaps we don’t have one person we can bestow all that affection towards. That’s true enough but the love is still there. Those with love in their hearts will find someone or something to give it to. It’s natural and in God’s design.

We’re normal and we have human emotions. We are capable of love. We’re not all going to go to the convent or pledge a life of singlehood. We’re not broken or defective. We’re singles… with loving hearts and a zest for the greatest things… Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Your Turn: Are you single or know someone who is? What experiences have you had? Why not share those with us?

Lisa Jordan
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